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Monday, November 9, 2009

I Want MORE!!!

Here is what I started out with this morning. At least that is what both ends started out looking like. It was completely dry and most frosting like. (Don't tell anyone. This is the end that I haven't done yet.) Very rough.

I took an Exacto knife, some needle files and some cut up emery boards to it.

This is the first end that I did. No. I didn't paint it yellow. That's the light that I was using. It is one with a magnifier attached and my favorite.

As you can see, after whacking away at it for an hour or so, it is starting to look like the real thing. Actually, I didn't whack. I gently removed the excess very carefully, little by little. I did knock one small piece off. It was very easy to patch. It was dry in a matter of minutes with the heat of the lamp on it.

The thing that I am happiest about is it looks like it should. Part of the building, laid into the plaster as it was drying and not applied on top.

Of course, Tessie had to poke her nose in....Or maybe it was poke her nose out. She hung out from the inside and announced "I want MORE on the front! The windows are bare!"

I hate it when she turns out to be right! I grabbed another sandwich bag and more patching plaster and made designs over both windows.

She then hung out the window once more and declared"That'll do it!". Thank goodness. I had visions of doing every available surface. For once she stopped before going three paces beyond good taste. I have to admit that it does look better.

By the time that I finish the other end and the part over the door, the two windows should be ready. I left the "squeezy thing with the goo in it" unattended. I have to go make sure she doesn't start writing her name on the walls.

See you tomorrow. Hopefully with the pargeting past me.


Eva said...

I love it! Really.
It is amazing how beautiful is

Victoria said...

Hehe, Tessie was right about the windows. They look great now! I like how you did all those small details ( I can think of only Russian words , good ones;). When I look at it I think I can never make something like this - to me it's like wood carving, very hard in process, but so beautiful in the end.

rosanna said...

Casey, I'm in awe! I should have never thought of anything like that. I love, love, love it. It's beautiful Rosanna

Caseymini said...

Victoria, If you ever want to write a word or two of Russian, I can have my daughter translate for me. She has a Master's Degree in Russian and has spent time over there in both Moscow and St.Petersburg.

Kathi said...

This is gorgeous Casey! I liked it before you did the "whacking" but it looks even better now! I want to see it in person! I'm sure the photos don't do it justice!
Remind me, is this going to be Tessie's tea shop? It could be a cathedral if you added stained glass windows! Amazing!

dalesdreams said...

The attention to detail is amazing, how ever did you fine it up?

Tessie is such a help. ;)

Sofía said...

Fantastico, es precioso, enhorabuena.