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Sunday, November 8, 2009

If All Else Fails......

....Google. It will make you feel better.

Do you ever have days when you just can't get started on anything? It took me two tries and a trip to the grocery store to get breakfast. Nothing sounded good. I finally went to the trouble of making waffles from scratch. That made me feel a little more human.

Then, after breakfast, I sat down and looked at the tea shop. I promptly decided that I didn't want to play there. I came in the computer room and read e mail and comments. The comments were all wonderful. That put me in a better mood.

Tessie came in and stood on her favorite perch, the tape dispenser that sits by the computer screen. She looked at what I was writing

She turned around and looked at me and frowned. "You have a bad case of mini block!", she said. Then she grabbed my pointing finger and gave me a hug.(Her version can only fit around a finger.) She very seldom shows affection. Most of the time she just puts up with the rest of us with a lot of exasperation.

Then I realized that she wasn't hugging. She was tugging. She poked at me until she got me to put on the MSN homepage. Then she said, "Type in miniature printables in that little slot where you find things.". I did as instructed. "Now push the images button." I did.

She is getting altogether too familiar with the computer for comfort. It's just a good thing that she isn't strong enough to push the keys!

I looked at the screen. To her credit, she is smarter than I am. I usually use the words and I have to go to a whole long list of sites to find one or two that I like.

I am not sure that I am crazy about BING. In addition to what we mini people would call miniature printables, we got miscellaneous other non related pictures. I don't think that they are very selective. I complained about this under my breath.

Old sharp ears heard every word and said, "Stop whinging and go up to that Googley Woogley thingy. It might be better." I meekly followed instructions and found that she was absolutely right!

What a difference! The Google page for mini printables was almost all photos of just that.

I am going to do something nice for Tessie, for giving me that tip. I am sure that a lot of you already go this route when looking for some things. She made me realize that it is a lot faster to scroll through all of the illustrations that it is to go from one website to the next trying to narrow things down.

Anyway, Thanks to Tessie, I am now happily doing the Googley Woogley Thingy. I am looking for tea related mini printies. I don't know if this is really faster, but it is a lot more fun and it has put me in a better mood too. I may not get much done on the teashop today, but I will have a good time not doing it! I will report if I find any new undiscovered printies.

See you tomorrow.


rosanna said...

And we shall be most grateful to you and Tessie alike.Hugs to you both Rosanna

Kathi said...

I've been gooley woogling today too.
I've got tons of mini books printed out! It was so much fun! I didn't get any made. I'm having the same kind of day you are...

Deni said...

It will come back real quick but one has to do googling as well!
goodonya Tessie

Lize said...

I have the exact same feelings about Bing...
but Tessie is a DEAR!