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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Frequent Flyer Miles....

I had to go to Wednesday Witches Mini meeting this afternoon, so Tessie's nose was out of joint. No work would get finished on the teashop.

She happened to spot me watching Christel Jensen's U tube on how to make a tea pot earlier... Yup. She wants teapots. Lots and lots of teapots. So I packed up some poly clay and took it with me.

When I got back she was still merrily riding the dragon. She stopped long enough to grab the first teapot that I made. It wasn't bad for a first try. Plain white with little leaves around the top and a little lopsided.

Her theory was that the dragon could serve a dual purpose. Transportation and a hot plate were rolled into one.

She jumped down from that one and grabbed the second teapot. This one turned out a little better. It is covered with little pink flowers, thanks to a cane that I made a couple of years ago. Love the canes. They last forever if you treat them right.

This dragon didn't help at all. He refused to fly and heat the pot, both! A dragon on strike is not a good thing. Useless!

I don't think that Tessie really liked that pot anyway. She commented that the pot didn't match any of her clothes....For a witch she's such a girly girl sometimes.
She went back to the cooperative dragon to show off the third pot.
This one turned out to be her favorite. What's not to like? It's shaped like a pumpkin and matches her apron. Now if she would just put some tea in the pot we could see if it works.

Off to make more teapots. See you tomorrow.


dalesdreams said...

But, are you sure you want to drink her tea? ;)

The teapots are cute! I like the colorful one. :)

Julia and Hywel said...

Love your teapots and Tessie looks very comfy up there on the dragon!
Julia xx

Julie Old Crow said...

Oh, cute! I love teapots (in miniature!) and Tessie's are just darling.
Julie Old Crow

Ara said...

Lovely tea pots!!! I'm with Tessie and I really like the last one..... Now I must go look up this tutorial!!! -Ara