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Thursday, November 5, 2009

And In Order of Appearance....

Well, kind of in order.....I thought you might like a closer look.

These are the ones that I did yesterday. No. You didn't see the blue one before. It seems a bit big to me. And technically, it was the white, the purple, the pumpkin and then blue. I like the blue one but I think that the lid and handle are a bit out of scale. The stem on the top of the pumpkin is a bit large too. I was looking at a photo and the guy that did the real one is somewhat to blame. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

These are kind of like Lay's potato chips. "Betcha' can't make just one."

This bunch are the ones that I did this morning. They aren't baked yet. After seeing them in the photo, I need to do a bit more refining to them.The gold on the third one is just too big.

The middle one in this bunch is my favorite. I may be doing a bit of tweaking before I pitch it into the oven. The spout looks like it would drip whilst pouring.

Tessie has been supervising once again. She says these aren't too bad for starter pots. She expects that I will get better after I have a few under my belt.

I am afraid to ask how many she thinks I am going to make. She has already decided that one of the side windows has to be blocked off to make more space for shelves.

She has also, with my help, been scanning MSN images for tea boxes and tea labels....I am going cross eyed from looking at the thumbnails and having her screech "STOP!!! No! Go back three rows!" Then when I get there and she sees what it is, in a very sweet voice:"Never mind...."

Yesterday we went through images of teapots. There are so many kinds and so little time! I did find a website from Trenton, TN that claims to have the "world's largest collection of teapots". This is an amazing site. There are four pages of photos of some of their collection. I have never seen anything like these.
I don't think I am up to copying any of them!
The page behind Tessie on the table is of different teapots that we found. She wants one of each.....And who is going to make all of these???

I think my limit is going to be 20 or so. They are really fun to make though. Once you get started and run with the idea, so many teapots, so little time......There is the question that Tessie had to ask and ruin the fun......Three simple words. "What about cups?" Then she couldn't let well enough alone...."We will need at least four to match each teapot."

I am going to go hide in a corner now and whimper for a while..... Let's see...four times seven is twenty eight....Twenty times seven is......

See you tomorrow.


Tabitha Corsica said...

I think you're very courageous to attempt these and they look very nice. I am sure the more you make, the more satisfied you will be with them.
I watched Christel's video on making teapots.(Thanks for the link!) She makes it look so very easy. It looks like she bakes some the teapot "bases" before she adds some of the detailing. If I ever have another minute to myself, I think I will try one. The cups she makes also look easy when she does them...I'm guessing they are a lot harder than they look.
I am eager to see them in your finished teahouse.


dalesdreams said...

Tessie is too funny with her stop and then never mind. ;)

I like that black one, that is really cool.

Are they all going to go in the tea shop?

Thmini2 said...

Those are so cool! I don't know which one I like the best. I wish I had half your talent. You always come with something different. Teresa

Caseymini said...

Teresa, They are very easy. Just go and watch Christel do it a couple of times and then jump in. At the meeting yesterday, one of the ladies that doesn't do a lot without instruction, watched me doing it and quietly took out some clay and made one on the first try! Go for it!

Caseymini said...

Tabby, you are right, I tried the cups the way she makes them and it is really hard to get a good looking, even, cup. I think that I am going to do some experimenting.

Kathi said...

I really like the purple tea pot!
I watched Christel's video too. Did you drill the little holes for the handles like she did? Where do you find a little drill like that? I can see a lot of ways I could use one of them...

DollMum said...

Your teapots are great, and don't let Tessie scare you about the cups!

Sans! said...

I don't see anything too large or out of scale and if any pot is going to drip, it has to be those on the link you post. Incredible pots that can only be used with magic!