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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Come On In!!!

I have five new people to welcome to the party!

Thanks to Debbie for sending the info on these two websites! I didn't have any.

There are Rudoo and Michelle's Mad World Now Look what you did Debbie! Tessie likes the witches house!

Then there is Lisette's Miniaturen You have to see her wonderful knitting and crocheting.

And Anneke of Pieplyts Her minis and her bunny are both worth the trip!

And the newest is Kate of Whittaker's Miniatures I am not sure if I should count her as one or include her husband, John and make it two. He does minis also!

Welcome to all of you!


Debbie said...

Casey this is the link for Rudoo:-
and this is the link for Michelle's Mad World:-
Michelle has a wonderful Witch House, best not show Tessie, cause she will want

Lisette said...

Hello Casey,
I follow your link all the time and nice story from Tessie.


Debbie said...

Told you not to show Tessie..LOL x

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Thankyou for your welcome! We dont know how we missed your wonderful blog for so long! It is so entertaining, will sit with a cuppa later and go through all the old posts.......may take a while!! Great useful tutorials too, so Im in for a good morning!! John thanks you for including him to :-) Hes my little ( actually BIG!!) helper!! Kate xx