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Friday, November 6, 2009

A Pargeting We Will Go!

This morning I decided that Tessie was right about blocking the window(s). Yes. I did her one better. I blocked both of the side windows. We need more wall space.

I cut a template with card stock held against the window opening to trace. Then I cut the pattern out of 1/4" foam core twice.

I had to pry off the window frames. They came off fairly easily with a flat head screw driver and a hammer.

Then I simply glued the foam core in the holes.

They will be covered by stucco on the outside and wall paper or fabric on the inside, so I am not worried about them showing.

Now....About the pargeting. Tessie announced that the building was going to be too plain with all of that dead space on the sides, what with closing off the windows.

She said, "It shall be ever so boring without decoration." I had to agree with her. Then she said, "Hmmmmm....Pargeting would be nice. I will draw it and you will do it."

She fiddled around with a moon and sun design and decided that was too busy. Then she tried a green man face. Too plain. I made the mistake of laughing at her.

She erased the whole page and then tossed me the pencil, saying, "Well! If you're so smart, you do it!" and flounced off.

I drew up a classic pargeting design. She came back and picked up the pencil. She proceeded to erase about a quarter inch section of one line. Then she drew it in just a smidgen to the right. She stood back and said, "There. I fixed it. Now you can use the design. It was all wrong before." A quarter of an inch! I kept quiet. I was afraid that she would erase the whole thing and demand that I start over.

I left the room to get a bottle of water. When I came back she was perched precariously atop the gesso bottle. She had cut the design out and was taping it on the peak of the wall.

"How does that look?"

I leaned back a bit and declared, "A bit to the right." OK. So I was fibbing a little. It was centered perfectly, but I couldn't resist messing with her to get even for the correction on the drawing.

The next step is to transfer it to the walls. Then I will get to work with the sculpting.

Just in case you aren't familiar with the term, here's Wiki's page about pargeting.

I am off to find the DAS. I hope I still have some.

See you tomorrow.


Kim said...

wow- I hope a tutorial is coming with this- or maybe I better look to see if you have already done one already. I have never heard of this, but it looks and sounds so cool. I can't wait to see more!

Ara said...

How fun to learn a new word!! I think its going to be lovely! HOpefully you remember to move it back to center before transferring it! -ara

rosanna said...

I'm looking forward to next step, I'm really interested... I love gesso decorations and it might be so much useful. See you tomorrow Hugs Rosanna

Lisette said...

Look my link

I make a decorations of Fimo. After painting with gesso. Idea??


Caseymini said...

Lisette, I went and looked. Very nice work. Very similar to what i am doing.

dalesdreams said...

Too funny, I would love to be in the same room to see you and Tessy. ;)

And cool to learn something new, thanks for sharing that. :)

Julie Old Crow said...

how cool! I have blocked off doors and windows before, and always felt sort of guilty, lol. Now I won't!

Plus, gasp--I never ever put in the stairs because they take up too much room!

rebel, that's me.

Julie Old Crow

Daisy said...

I've tried that technique before but your artistic skills take it to a new level. Beautiful! I tried it as separate elements on plastic wrap to glue onto something later but they were so fragile. Thank you so much for sharing your technique. Maybe I could try a stamp and then "frost" over it since I don't have your incredible drawing skills?

jose said...

you have had left very well clear with this small assistant everything salt perfect henorabuena

Kate said...

Lovely work! Thanks for the link to read more about it, too.

Beautiful example pictures on Wikipedia..I also enjoyed the article link on the woman in Britain who has learned the craft in Italy.

You've done something completely unique and beautiful in miniature, and honored an old art form in the process!

Thank you also for the how-to on blocking in windows; I've been wondering how to do that.

mini hugs,
Kate in California

Deni said...

That is really different and quite stunning!
Lovely job
I wouldn't even try that you should see my cake decorating skills.....
Nil Im afraid!!!