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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You Go....I'll Decorate.....

I went ,with trepidation, to the Wednesday Witches mini meeting this afternoon. Why? Just read the title. I should never have told Tessie that I was hostessing the Halloween party for the witches next Wednesday. She was green with envy. Literally green. As soon as she found out, she started making decorating plans.

As I was getting ready to go, I heard her voice out in the kitchen. I looked out and there she was. Plotting with Mookie. He is a co-conspirator in a lot of her plans and schemes.

Unfortunately, when I was cleaning closets last week or the week before, I found all of the Halloween decorations. She was watching closely and making a list of what was there. She was telling Mookie what they had to do and where everything had to go. Mookie just sat there nodding his head in agreement. They are two of a kind. If trouble can be found, they will find it.

"First off, we have to make Casey finish the porch. I need a comfortable place from which to watch the proceedings.....And eat cake." Mookie couldn't care less if the porch is finished. He doesn't fit in there.

She tried helping while I was gone. She knows where I am headed with the porch foundation....Thank goodness! She couldn't get the glue bottle open and Mookie was no help at all. He hates glue.

She did manage to cut some of the slats that I am going to use, but she couldn't glue them in place.....As I said before. Thank goodness. I still have some painting to do before the porch is ready for that.

She did manage to do some decorating. She poked a few buttons on the computer and changed the wallpaper. Being very pleased with her actions, she made me take a photo of it as she posed precariously atop a magnifier,balanced on a glass candlestick...

Yup. I now have the world famous photo of her attempt to make a pie from candy pumpkins as my wallpaper. I am going to have to start shutting down the computer when I leave the house. I fear that she may filch my credit card and start surfing E Bay!

I guess, to placate her, I will leave the photo up. I can stand it for a week and a couple of days.

Then she will want to find a costume for a Christmas photo. I wonder how she would like to be one of eight tiny reindeer? We could paint her nose red and call her Rudolph....Oops! She heard that. I don't think she likes the idea. I gotta go!

See you tomorrow.


Tabitha Corsica said...

She certainly is a stitch, our Tessie..that's for sure! :-)


dales_dreams said...

I really enjoy reading your blog posts, they are so entertaining.

ps, I even enjoyed the vacuum post. ;)

Bear cabin miniatures said...

I love your mischievious tales of Tessie, they always make me smile :0)

Loved your steps too, brilliant idea.
Julia xx

Deni said...

Mookie is gorgeous!
Fancy getting involved with Tessie's plans lol prolly to keep Tessie from doing weird things to her lol