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Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Little Bit More.....

I didn't get a whole lot finished today. There were other things besides minis that needed to get done.

When I finally got around to it, Tessie was there on the porch, bored and watching. She was bored because I wouldn't let her help and watching, hoping that I would mess something up so she could say "I told you so!"

In this photo, she reminds me of me when I was little. I remember standing on the bottom railing like that and pretending that I was tall. A few inches makes all the difference when you are a kid. She has worn the broom down to a nub sweeping the porch, again and again.

As you can see, I have painted the panels in the porch foundation dark brown. I am going to do some sponge painting over that to make it uneven. That will give the appearance of empty space below the porch. Then I will put in the lattice work. Shades of my grandma's porch.

Here's an end view. I put in some molding under the roof line and on the edge. Next step, shingles.

Zar dropped by to see how it was going. Tessie wouldn't let him on the porch. She claims that he has dirty boots and she would have to sweep again if she let him up there. I think that she is really still mad at him for all of the tricks that he has pulled to keep her out of the Clockwork Cottage.

I think that he had an ulterior motive for stopping and playing nice. One of her sisters told him that there was going to be a big Halloween bash with lots of bug beer and spider punch. He has taken a liking to that stuff.

Tessie has already started pilfering decorations from the Witches' Warehouse. I guess it is her prerogative, as part owner of the store. I am still wondering how she gets out of working there. The other two sisters put in all the time and she has all the fun. I have asked about it a couple of times and she always quickly changes the subject. There is definitely something going on there.

I have to chase everyone off of the porch and get back to work now.

See you tomorrow.

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Kathi said...

That last photo reminds me of a movie... Butch Cassidy maybe? Zar would make a great bank robber.