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Friday, October 9, 2009

The Thing With Three Legs.....

I have created a monster! I finally had time to fool around with the tripod for a little while this morning. It is amazing and wonderful! Poke the photos to see larger views.

I won't bore you with the many photos that I took. I deleted quite a few. I am still not good at it and probably won't be for a long time. I started with some of the Rusty Needle quilt shop. For me, the test of good minis is when it is semi hard to tell that the photo isn't a real scene. This is one of my better ones for that. The photo was taken through the glass front. It seems like that is the hardest way to get a good photo. This one turned out pretty well, considering.There are a few reflections. I am going to have to work on that.

This one that I took through the door is much better color wise. If you poke the photo, you can even see the tiny beaded basket that I made, on the top shelf. While you are at it, you can count all of the spools of thread. Those took the longest to make, of anything in the shop.

After the quilt shop, I decided to try my luck with quarter inch......So far so good. This is one of the rooms in a trunk series. I have taken pretty good photos of this just holding the camera, but now you can even see the individual threads in the wicker! The rug was done in back stitch on Hardanger. It measures about 3/4" by 1 1/2".

Did I mention that this trunk is covered in the same Penelope canvas that I make the baskets with? What did I ever do without that stuff?

The doll is one that a friend made for me. I had to dress her.

Please note that the lady even has hats on the top shelf of the closet and kid gloves on the vanity bench.

The last set of photos that I will bore you with is the Harrod's Tea Shop. I dragged the box back from London the last time we went. Yes. I did drink the tea, but only to get the box. I really would rather have a good cup of coffee. As I remember, I had to drink twenty cups just to get that darned box! Ick!

If you get up close on this one, you will see that it was BC......Before Computer. I had to hand letter all of the signs with a .oo5 Pigma Micron pen. Oh! Here is another example of the ubiquitous Penelope canvas. Look closely at the front of the counters.

The tea boxes are simply cut up cubes of colored erasers. A lot of the other food is made with fimo. Some of it,added later, was made by an English friend.

Anyway, sorry about the boring entry. I had fun doing it. The tripod is getting a bit easier to work with. You may get stuck with a few entries like this before I am done practicing.

I am going to go get serious about minis now. The next entry will not be photography 101.

See you tomorrow.


Lize said...

Your work is absolutely amazing in its detail!
I have the same tripod and I have only one problem with it. When I travel. It is rather heavy and take up a lot of space in my bag but I can not leave it at home.

rosanna said...

Casey Casey Casey, it's incredible !!!! it REALLY looks real!!!! You a genius.

Caseymini said...

Lize, Your tripod must be a little different than this one. Mine is ultra light. It is mostly aluminum. It colapses down to about two feet long and about six inches diameter.

Kathi said...

Hi Casey! Had fun poking your photos! They are all great!

Now about that quilt shop... I see some fabric I'd like to buy. Third shelf down on the right, fourth bolt down, the blue/green print. I'd like
12 inches of that please. I've got a sofa and chair that need slipcovers! What's your best price??

Eva said...

I thought that the quilt shop was real...Amazing!

cockerina said...

boooohhh! I cry and I am humbled, I just put the photo of my haberdashery in my blog, but now I'm a little ashamed: you seem real!
I had trouble understanding immediately that it was a miniature ... to say?? brava!


dales_dreams said...

Your pictures and minis are amazing. I too thought the fabric store was "real."

I love my tripod, it's a table top model and is even smaller than yours, but, it can extend from the floor to full height as well.

Papillon Bleu said...

You are so talented! WOW!

Josje said...

Your doing very well according to your own standard, cause I thought the first photo to be one taken at your local fabric shop. Lovely!