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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Still Clicking......

OK. You are going to have to sit through another few photos. This morning I decided to try the tripod on the Southwestern Room Box.

I set up the tripod in front of the box and pulled up a chair. This is another one of the boxes that I considered pretty realistic, except for the patio area. No water in the birdbath...Poor birds.

The two Mexican equipales are resin "Take a Seat" chairs. There is only one other piece in this room box that I didn't make from scratch from plans for real furniture. That's the Shaker Sill Cupboard on the right side of the room, behind the sofa. Most of the pottery in the room is from Poco Pots. I am not sure if it is in business any more. All of her pots are hand thrown on a regular pottery wheel.

The cupboard in the upstairs area was copied from an old "Artes de Mexico" catalog from more than 50 years ago. I found it in a used book store. It is one of my favorites. The book, I mean. It is printed on yellowed glossy paper in black and white. The cover is two pieces of rawhide. It is put together with wrought iron rivets in two places. Very primitive. Wonderful furniture. The nice thing about it is each piece of furniture has a photograph, discription of kind of wood, finishes, and all of the measurements for each piece.

The doors on the original cupboard had eight different hand painted tiles on it. I carefully copied each one. The chair next to it was from another book on Mexican furniture.

Now I am going to bore you with the reason that I don't always include dolls in rooms.....Tessie, cover your ears.
One of the disadvantages of putting Tessie and Eskiaga in the box is.....That's where you can tell for sure that it isn't life sized. They think it is though, so I guess it's OK.

Tessie zapped herself into the upstairs while I was doing the photo session. I couldn't get rid of her. I did warn Eskiaga that she was up there though. She is likely to drop something heavy on his head to get his attention if she thinks he doesn't know.

I guess I should go see if I can start doing some minis so that you don't have to keep looking at my fancy photos. Don't worry. I am getting bored already. The six year old wants to play with something else now. I am going to go sit in my work room(Yes. It's still clean!) and look around until something hits me. Chances are, if I don't start something soon, Tessie will start throwing things at me. I just hope she finds something small that she wants done. It could get dangerous!

See you tomorrow.


Cate and David said...

Gosh this is beautiful - I tried to order some of those chairs a while back but apparently they are no longer available. Too bad for they really are perfect.

Kathi said...

This is really good Casey. I love how realistic everything looks. Those doors are amazing and that cupboard! Wow.

dales_dreams said...

This is what every miniaturist strives for, to have it look real.

You're fabulous! :)

Josje said...

Beautiful roombox. Especially the second photo looks very real. The cupboard is gorgeous.

Debbie said...

The cupboard is beautiful Casey. Brilliant photographs..xx