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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ohhh!!! A Sleep Over!!!

I got a bee in my bonnet to do a new tool roll this morning. I have made several over the years and the last one wore out a while ago. I thought that those of you that sew might like a tutorial "how to".

I went through my closet stash and found this bright, happy print. I laid the tools that I wanted to include in it on top of the fabric to determine how big it had to be. In this instance, I cut it half the width of the fabric and nine inches high. I cut two of the blue and one of low loft quilt batting.

I also cut a lengthwise folded piece of a contrasting fabric(orange) that was just a couple of inches longer than the base fabric. That, I lined with a layer of flannel. Some of the pockets will have to have a bit of depth to hold the tools. That will take up the extra inches.

I pinned the pockets in place over the tools. Then I basted all around the case and up each of the pocket lines with black thread, so that I could see it.

I took the tools out. then I started stitching.

You could do this part by machine. I like to hand sew. I am using a stem stitch and a blue Perle cotton about the same color as the blue in the background.I am stem stitching between the pockets, making sure to catch the batting with each stitch. I am not worried about going all the way through for now. I usually add some French knots and other stitching to the outside just for fun.

This is what I have done so far. Here you can see it with some of the tools in place. The black and white check bias will be the binding around the outside edge when I get to that part. I went crazy and cut bunches of that particular binding because I use it a lot. It is really handy to have it all cut and ready.

This is what I first cut the bias for. There is a wallet and a purse organizer. The organizer is essentially the same thing as the tool roll, only it doesn't have a tie or Velcro closing on it. You can tell that I also am a big fan of the blue fabric.....

Anyway, this will give you some idea of where I am headed with this.

Unfortunately, I think that this is going to have to be a two day project. I have only gotten as far as the third photo shows. It is already 4:00PM... I took the tools out to prepare to start stitching again.......Never turn your back on your work when Tessie is near!

She has it all figured out. Since I probably won't get the tools back into it tonight, she has confiscated it. She has proclaimed it a four person sleeping bag, with smaller pockets for pets and invited her sisters from the Witches Warehouse for a slumber party. Let's see....Three witches, a gypsy, several dogs and various cats, a couple of snakes and a few lizards, not to mention the alligator and the tiger......I am not sure that I am going to want to use the tool case when they get done with it! I am, for sure, going to have to launder it first. I just hope that bug beer comes out in the wash!

See you tomorrow with the rest of the story.


Kathi said...

This post is just one of the reasons I've nominated you for an award over at my blog! Please click on over to pick it up!
Creativity just bubbles from you!
I love it! :)

Lena said...


I just love your quiltshop.
I´ve have also made one, but mine is much smaller i a small roombox, and it´s not so nice as yours.You have so many nice details everywere. I just love it.

I also got an award for you to pic up in my blog.

Have a nice day / Lena!

Debie Lyons said...

Casey I love your blog you are so creative and imaginative.
Debie xxx