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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Family Feud.......

This morning I got up in the cold and promptly bundled up. Walter went to set up for winter last night and the burners on the furnace wouldn't light. I am freezing. I know it's only 63 degrees in the house, but it was 36 degrees outside. When I started moving around....It didn't help. I was still cold.

I grabbed Mookie and hid under a blanket for a while, but nothing was getting done. I put on a jacket and went for it.

I dragged out the $5.00 mystery building. If you poke the photo and look closely through the top of the right hand window, you will see Mookie staring at me. He was disgruntled for losing his cozy lap.

The first thing that I did on the "shop"(Let's call it that for now.) was to saw out all of the crosspieces in the windows. They were way to thick to be in scale. Next, the shutters went away with very little effort. A hammer and a flat head screwdriver did the trick. Whoever put the shutters on put them on backwards and with some really weird glue. It stuck them up there, they were easy enough to get off, but the glue liked the building and wanted to stay. It took elbow grease and an exacto to get that off.

Mookie settled in and by the time I was done with those, he was fast asleep inside. I had to wake him up and kick him out. I needed to move the shop around and figure out how the porch would be held up. It cantilevers out over the base with no visible means of support. It was lacking something.

Anyway, as soon as I got Mookie out, Tessie moved in! She looked out the window at what I was doing and immediately started directing.

"That post should go farther to the left."

Then, "You do know that this would make a lovely tea shop for me to run, don't you?".

I ignored her and went on working.

"We could call it Tessie's Tease. T-e-a-s-e"

"That's not how you spell teas, Tessie." I told her. I know what she thinks of as tea.....She mixes up concoctions of strange herbs and spices and tells people that they are tea so that they will drink them. They are really potions. I have never once heard her speak of them as potions.

She makes things like Sleepy Tea. It puts you right out. You should not be standing when you drink that one.

Mookie tried to get back in to take another nap. That lead to an altercation. Oh, lets just call it what it was. It was an out and out fight over territory.

Need I say, Tessie won? She did.

I guess I am now making a tea shop. I am going to sit her down in the cold light of day(literally) and tell her that she either lets me spell the words correctly or it will be turned into a cat bed! After all, this will keep her mind off of Spiderwort Manor and is a lot easier to work on.

I hear her out there messing around in the spice cabinet. I had better get back an see what is brewing now..... I am NOT drinking anything she stirs up! That could be dangerous.

See you tomorrow.


Kim said...

Is she going to label these teas properly so customers know what they are getting themselves into? I cannot wait to see Tessie's new shop- hopefully it will keep her out of your hair for awhile- and maybe Zar's too!

Debbie said...

LOL trust Tessie to come up with that one..Tessie's Tea-se..

Deni said...

She is a clever little one that Tessie, will be a marvelous tea shop mmmm not with her teas though by the sounds of it! lol'
Oh how I love your Mookie peering in the window at you saying" what are you doing now! can I help?"
Gorgeous Cat!

Karin Corbin said...

Witches Brew...Ha Ha

MiniKat said...

So will this really be a witchy tea shop or will you do something different when Tessie's back is turned?

Caseymini said...

Kat, It will be a tea shop....I may make some changes here and there when her back is turned. After all, I don't want to be responsible for the lawsuits when she turns some poor unsuspecting greengrocer into an aardvark!