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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble.....

How do you hide an unfinished house when a party is about to start? You make it part of the decorations.....Tessie and Zar were not very happy with me when I started to drape the Clockwork Cottage with various and sundry pieces of material and then topped it with spider webs. They sat on the roof and cringed. I think that they thought that I was having a wake for the house. It was a worrisome sight to them.

I had to explain the whole idea to them and promise to rid the house of all of the trims as soon as the party was over.

They relaxed a bit when I scattered decorations everywhere else in the room. The centerpiece for the table was a bare branched, black tree with gold covered bugs and snakes. In case you can't read the stone sign on the doors of the bookcase, they say "insane asylum". Tessie says that she has been observing the Wednesday Witches when they are here and the sign is quite appropriate.

We had our traditional potluck lunch. Everyone brought a dish that was somewhat ghoulish...I made an old family recipe of Eyeball Pye for dessert.

After lunch, we decorated miniature hats to look like pumpkins. My friend Joan made kits for them. They turned out really cute. She said that she had seen real sized ones somewhere and scaled them down.

Here's the one that I finished. We simply painted the crown of the hat orange and put a face on it with black. Then we decorated them to hang in a scene. Tessie immediately grabbed mine as soon as it was dry and put it on the porch.

In three days it will be Halloween once more. That just means that Tessie will be hassling me about redecorating the porch. I guess next week it will be the start of Thanksgiving decorating. Then Christmas. Then the New Year. Then Valentine's day. Then......I can see where this porch is going to be a busy place. I had better get back to work.

Did I mention that I totally messed up the workroom, getting ready for the party?.......Maybe if I don't open the door for a couple of days, it will fix itself........Hey! I can dream. Can't I?

See you tomorrow.


Lori said...

I love the centerpiece! The little pumpkin hats are really cute too! That is sometihng I could actually do! :)
Glad to see you had so much fun at the party...

Debbie said...

Great idea with the hat Casey. x