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Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Deal Is a Deal......

This morning I had to do major surgery on Tessie. She is fine now. her old bones were getting very weak and her right shoulder just plain wore out! She could no longer lift her right arm.

We had a long talk and she agreed to a short nap whilst I took care of everything. I won't go into painful details other than to say that she has a whole new skeleton and lots of new muscles. She is already healed and has her vim, vigor and argumentative nature restored once more.

As soon as she was back from the nap, she started in. "I'm sick to death of this pink apron! I'm not putting it back on! I need something new to wear!"

I told her that I would make her a deal....If she would help me clean out the Clockwork Cottage so that it was workable again, I would make her a new one with material of her choosing.
I don't think that she has had a look at the cottage lately..... She agreed.

She said that, since I had been working on all kinds of quilt things, she thought that a patchwork apron would be appropriate.

She is standing in front of a photo from that darned Luxe magazine.

I have a feeling that thing is going to be all kinds of trouble. She likes this kitchen and wants one like it in one of her new houses......Yup. She read the blog the other day when I said that I had a Harrison kit under the bed....She went and looked at it. Now she can't decide which one of the kits she likes better. She is under the delusion that she has a choice! She seems to think that a new house is a foregone conclusion. Anyway, that's the apron.

Most of the apron is glued together. I hemmed the bottom and two short sides of a piece of fabric about the size of an index card with glue. Then I simply folded back hems on three sides of the bib part to fit her chest. I cut a waistband from some matching red and some shoulder straps from the same material. I turned in the long edges of the waistband with glue and folded the straps in half the long way. The straps, I trimmed with scissors to neaten them.

The only sewing was running a gathering stitch along the top edge of the apron. Then I glued one edge of the waistband to the skirt of the apron and put the bib on the opposite side centering it. I put a dot of glue on the waist band and wrapped it around her. Then I did the same with the ends of the straps. There is enough glue on them to keep them on, but not enough that they can't be easily pulled off. There you have it. Instant apron. Almost.

She is trying for lots of brownie points. Look at the cottage now!
She even got Zar to help. I heard her tell him that if he didn't want to be a toad, he would help big time! It seemed to work.

Besides, I think that Zar wants his cottage finished.

We won't talk about the fact that Tessie can't wait for me to finish it so that I can get to her new house. It is inevitable. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will settle for the Magnolia......I fear that she will and then about half way through the build she will change her mind and want to add the Harrison on to one end!

Please don't let her see this. I plan to put parental controls on the blog immediately following this entry.

See you tomorrow!


C said...

You have a Monroe, as well? Hmm With the Harrison in the middle, the Monroe on one end and the magnolia on the other, she would have ample room!!! Backing a way slowly . . .


Caseymini said...

No Monroe, I miss spoke. I meant Magnolia

DollMum said...

It looks like you've got the measure of how to motivate Tessie to help, though major surgery is a bit drastic! And also pointing out (once again) that Zar's abode comes first then hers - great way of getting her to help tidy Clockwork cottage. Only trouble is, you're giving her more time to dream up grand ideas about hers...

Katie said...

Love the before and after pictures! Kinda reminds me of what Cora's house looks like, it's become the storage until for all the things I don't want Otis to eat. LOL...I covered her house with a sheet, and put a really big stuffed animal on top to 'scare' him far it's working!! HAhaha

And love the finished quilt!! It will make the perfect lap quilt for Tessie:)

Deni said...

Oh the house is looking lovely now!
Tessie has been very busy!

Nice to see you have not many rooms to complete but the bits and pieces are the most time consuming!

Well it won't be long before you can get started on Tessie's house Oops should not have said that! lol
I do hope Tessie isn't reading the blog!Shhhhhh

Falling apart! poor Tessie glad she has a wonderful artist to fix her up!

Debbie said...

Yeah.. Tessie's going to get her Spiderwort Manor.. Ooops sorry Casey got a bit carried away there..x