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Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Day Out.....

April and I met up and went garage sale-ing and antique shopping this morning. It was a fruitful day. Maybe I should say it was a bookish day. Most of the things that we purchased were books and more books. She is looking for things from 1937 because that is when their house was built. I was just looking for anything good that I could lay my hands on.

She showed up with a book called Rugs and Carpets by Andrew Middleton for me. That's the great thing about having a librarian in the family. Sometimes she gets first shot at discarded books. This one was great! It is a large format book that is all color!There are beautiful photos of rugs from all over the world. It is a treasure.

When I got home, Tessie had to have a look at all of the things that I bought. As you know, she always thinks of these shopping trips as..."What did you buy for me?" or if I didn't buy her anything that is instant gratification, "What are you going to make for me?" In this case, it was the latter.

Her eyes started sparkling when she flipped the pages. She found what she wanted. The ones that she is standing in front of in the photo "match her apron". I guess it is important to have rugs and aprons that match in her world. Or maybe she just wants a new rug. Do you think???

I went on to look at a few "Magic Crochet" magazines. She wasn't the least bit interested in those. I didn't tell her that some of the patterns could be made in miniature.

Then I picked up a miniature book that I found. Yes! A miniature book that I didn't already own! She immediately found the interest that she had lost. She likes this log cabin quilt. As you can see from the illustrations on these two pages, this one is easily made in miniature by strip piecing. Add another project to the list that she wants for her new house...s....

She has Theo with her today because she seems to think he should be interested in some of the rugs since they come from the same area that he is from....I didn't burst her bubble and tell her he was from down the street, right here in Tucson.

Walter brought home a big bag of kettle corn. Yay, Walter!!! I now have an official way to distract Tessie!
She tried it. She liked it. She is hooked. I tried to take the bag away and she slapped my hand.

Unfortunately, Theo seems to like it too. That means me against a weird little witch and her faithful tiger sidekick. I don't like kettle corn that much. Let Walter fight them for it! I am going away now and read new, used books for the rest of the afternoon.

See you tomorrow.


rosanna said...

I want garage sales in Italy!you always find such incredible treasures. The books are so good, I love them. Mini hugs

Katie said...

Between these books and the camera tripod, you have been lucky!! What great finds!!!