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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Light Housekeeping...

I started out the morning with cleaning out my cookbook cupboard. The real one. I was looking for some cookbooks that I have from the 1930s. It seems that, since April's and Seth's house was built in 1937, she has started collecting things in general, and cookbooks in particular from that year.The hunt was successful and I wound up with clean shelves besides. Two for the price of one!

Since I was in cleaning mode, I moved on to the mini greenhouse. I suspect that Tessie has been in there re potting plants when I am not around. Messy. Messy.....She flounced in with Spike and made herself comfortable on the settee......She started conversing with Spike in a one sided way. "When we move into the new house, we will have to have a conservatory. Non of this messy greenhouse stuff." Scowling, I looked at her and growled "What new house?"

She eyed me for a few minutes and then wisely left without saying a word. Ha! I won that round!

I distracted myself by pulling out the laptop. Tessie likes the laptop. It is more her size and it is kind of like attracting bugs with a light.....
I went to the kitchen for a glass of water and when I returned she was directing Spike to step on the keys to put in a new address.....Neiman Marcus?!? Thank goodness I got back in time to stop her! She hadn't gotten to my credit card yet!

I didn't know that she had figured out that the keys on the laptop are way more sensitive than the regular keyboard. I am going to have to be more careful about leaving her alone when I am using the laptop.

I chased her away and went back to work. When I last checked, she was trying to curry favor by helping me with my knitting.....That's three rows of a sock that I am going to have to rip out and do over.

If she keeps it up, she isn't going to get a new house until 2023!

If anybody wants me, I will be applying new padlocks to my laptop, desktop and purse.

See you tomorrow.

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