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Friday, September 25, 2009

A Way Out.....

Since I finished the workroom, it was only logical to work my way out to the rest of the house. I wanted to see if I could replicate the folded star quilt. In order to do this, I had to find some solid colored fabric.....In order to find solid color fabric, I had to venture into the hall closet just outside the workroom....Good intentions are often not good. I wound up taking everything out of the closet(mostly fabric) and starting from scratch. This closet is kind of around the corner and hard to take a photo as proof of work finished.

I can actually see everything in there now. Before it was like Fibber Mc Gee's closet....OK. I am sure that some people don't even know who that is. He was famous for having a closet that, when he opened the door, everything fell out on his head.

I did find the fabric in the process. I drew a diagram of the quilt blocks from yesterday's entry. Literally. I put the quilt away and already it has been swallowed up by the evil workroom.

I grabbed a pile of plain colors and a glue stick and went to work. I didn't expect to turn out a finished quilt the first try, so I just temporarily glued the pieces together to get an approximation of how to do it.

I will show you the steps. If you try it, please sew. Do Not Glue! Don't do as I do. Do as I say! That is, if you want a finished product that you can use. I didn't measure I just snipped off some strips and squares and went at it.

It was pretty easy. First I laid down the center piece. Then I folded the white strips with some glue inside to hold them. Next I cut some pink strips and did it again.

If I were sewing this, I think that I would cut about half of the back side of each strip off to lessen the bulk.

The third layer was the blue diamonds. I simply cut a square about 4 times the finished diamond and folded it diagonally, with the glue inside again. Then I folded the two corners down to the center point. I glued the folded point of one of these to each of the four sides, centering them.

Then I went back to strips and glued the light blue on to make the next layer.

The yellow layer was once again the folded diamonds like the blue. This time there was one in each corner and one in the center of each side.

The last layer was simply a single diagonal folded triangle, placed in each corner. They are alternate colors on the original.(See yesterday's photo.)

My assistant says that when I make her a quilt "we" are definitely going to sew it! She is not crazy about puce school glue. Too sticky!

Anyway, there you have it. In the original quilt, each block was a different color arrangement. The edge was simply more long strips to fit around the quilt and the final edge was wrapped around to the back and stitched down.

Maybe one of these days I will do one the proper way. For now, this will have to do. If any of you try it, I would love to see the results. Have fun!

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...


Dlsarmywife said...

Casey, thank you so much for sharing visuals on how to make this quilt. I am making my mom a Quilt Shop/Sewing School for Christmas...I don't want to use too many 'printed' quilts so this is a wonderful alternative! Looking forward to trying it one day!

Deni said...

Oh thats great! mm Ive a feeling I have those cupboards too!

Oh I just had a though we have a Fibber Magees resturant here in town! lol.. its not messy... well not the last time I saw it lol

Oh that little quilt is lovely mmm I must have a go at that!
What width did you use for the strips, Casey?
I will sew it as you say! by hand I guess!
Only I think the glue will be fine you won't be washing it every week!!!lol
Anyway Tessie can wave her wand and fix the washing of all the quilts for you!
MMM I wonder if she can do that with your cupboards........if she can, please send her over here for a week OK!

Caseymini said...

I threw out the two samples that I made. They aren't useable. I just wanted to work out the sequence. If I do a 'real' one, I will definitely sew it. The strips that I used were about 3/4" wide and the little squares were about an inch. Next time I will use a larger square for the outer diamonds(yellow)as the corners didn't quite meet. Now that I know a bit more about how they are put together, I think that you could do just about any quilt pattern this way, with a little thought.

Deni said...

OK! yes I have some fabrics , I'm one of those people who work with a pattern, so I always find this "make it up" hard!
Thats why we have people like you in this world who can think it all up in a minute!

Im tired right now, old brain won't think, so I will have another look in the am

Caseymini said...

OK. I will try to work out a pattern. Maybe I will start with a simpler one to get you started doing this. Hang in there.

Deni said...

OK! You will make a pattern?
Oh how lovely of you, with all the things you have to do!
I will hang in there! lol
Simple is good!
Thank you Casey!

kzkol said...

Don't always have to sew (remember Casey - Jo hates that word) I find when I'm gluing fabric, just like actual (plug your ears Jo) sewing, ironing between steps is the secret to a good job and a so so job. Same with gluing - iron iron iron. You might want to put an old piece of cotton in between your piece and your iron to protect the surface of your iron in case of overflow. Try it - it works. :)

Deni said...

OO I would like to just glue & press!
What type od glue do you use kzkol?
I could do that, so much easier, especially for minis! Fast too!

Doreen said...

Thank you so much for showing how to do that quilt. The pictures make it so clear how to do it. I really like that quilt and want to try to make one. But first I have to get the material.