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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Finished.....Kind Of......

OK. I saved the closet and the floor in front of it for last. I haven't gone through every drawer and box yet. I figure that I can do that, one drawer at a time, in the next week/month/year....I will do it. Honest.

All I have left is this. It is a stack of baskets full of refuse that was left on the floor yesterday.
Amazingly enough, it didn't seem to grow while I was at the mini meeting!

My daughter always accuses me of saving some stuff for "seed". The first thing she always asks when I finish one of these cleaning sprees is...."What did you leave in the laundry basket?" It used to be "What's left in the garbage bag?" I changed to the basket because even if it's full of miscellaneous items, it looks so much better than the bag until I finish putting it all away.

I promise that I will get it all stowed away, maybe tomorrow....

I did find the "folded pieces" quilt. I wanted you to see it. If you click on it, you can see how it is put together. There are no actual seams in it. The pieces are all folded to size and put in with tiny stitches. Each square starts in the center with the black piece. Then four white, folded strips are stitched down to that with tiny stitches. After that, the fabric that forms the X is put down in four pieces then the diamonds at the edge of the black. Next the pieces that form the star itself are laid on and last the folded squares and triangles that form the background of the star. They are actually the closest to the top. The last step is adding the large corner triangles to make it look like a large block. The boarders are done in the same way. Then it is edged with a wrap around binding.

Here's the back of the piece. They definitely are not worried about neatness counting! Since they didn't trim any of the layers, it is quite thick in spots.

I have always planned to try this technique. I do believe that, if you trimmed it more than they did, it would make a nice mini quilt. As it is, I love it, but it is hard to get it to drape well on a bed. All of the stitches are by hand.

I guess that I should go rescue Tessie now. I asked her to hold the quilt up so that you could see the back. I think she is still under there somewhere. Gotta go before she starts yelling.

See you tomorrow.


Cate and David said...

I love this quilt! I don't understand it...but I love it! Maybe after another coffee I'll look at that photo and re-read what you said and understanding will follow! :D Beautiful!

rosanna said...

Believe me, I'd pay to put my hands in that basket and nside your drawers. What a treasure hunt would it be!

Dlsarmywife said...

Your room looks wonderful! I think you did a great job. That quilt is amazing...I too am not entirely sure I understand how it's made, but I think I get it...Sounds like something I'd like to try!
Hopefully Tessie did start yelling too loudly! lol

Deni said...

Now I am thinking I should have bought more at the BMEA Open Day I don't have half as much as you do Im feeling quite over the guilty feeling right now, just a shame it happened after the show though huh?
Tidying up is a great idea to find things that one has popped away!

The Quilt is really an interesting pattern,luv those colours too.
I have never seen a pattern like that before, would be an interesting quilt to make!

Can we all come over for a treasure hunt? lol Im with Rosanna I would pay too!!!hahahha

Kathi said...

The colors in that quilt are wild. I love it!
You've made great progress with your cleaning and sorting. You may even have inspired me to do the same thing?! Maybe.

Caseymini said...

Have you ever seen a folded star pot holder or hoop design? They were popular in the 80s. It is similar to that. Each row covers the edges of the last row. Each piece is folded so that there will be no raw edges in the quilt block itself. If you paste in this site and go there, you will see what I mean. You can also put "folded star quilt pattern" in your search engine and maybe get a few other ones.

April said...

Neat quilt! I was wondering how to make a mini quilt. I will have to investigate. Now, are you going to show them the computer room closet?

Deni said...

Oh yes of course I have seen that!
Oh I must try that!!!! oh dear more projects! lol

I found this too,I thought I could make a few printed out quilts with these designs!
thanks Casey!

Julie Old Crow said...

Sigh. I have things stuffed into a cardboard box which was then shoved into the bones of an unfinished dollhouse...all to put away 'someday'. Maybe if I switched to your basket method I wouldn't mind as much!

But--congrats on getting so much done!

Julie Old Crow

Caseymini said...

April!The computer room closet is the one that YOU messed up whilst I was in Scottsdale. And besides, it has nothing to do with miniatures. So there!