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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sewing on the Square.

This is for the people that wanted a "Pattern" for the folded star quilt. As I said before, I can't really draw you a pattern. I can give you measurements for cutting and folding.

All of the strips that I cut were 3/4" wide. All of the folded corner pieces were 1" square.

I cut the base, white squares 1 1/4". I used the rotary cutter to make a fast job of the strips.

I decided to use a base piece to make the back of the quilt look a bit neater.

Down in the lower right of the photo you see the foundation piece with a black square added to the center.

I eliminated the thin white pieces around the center in the original quilt. It only added to the bulk. Instead I added a strip of the yellow all around. As you can see, I did not fold the piece in half. I folded about an eighth of an inch back before adding these strips. That's how I did all of the strips to try to get rid of some of the thickness.

Here you see that I have trimmed off the part of the yellow that will be covered by the next layer. I did this in every step. The original quilt was not trimmed at all and was very thick and stiff. It was also very messy on the back because there was no base fabric.

The next layer was done with green squares. In the photo you can see that I have cut off most of the second layer and left about 1/8" folded under.Then I turned the corners to the center point to make the square. I have one turned down in the photo.

I then sewed the top point of the green to the center of each side of the yellow. I stitched down the top sides of each square. I did this in white so that you could see where I stitched.

After they were stitched down, I carefully folded the bottom point back and trimmed away any excess green beneath it.

Next I stitched a folded strip of peach to each corner. I did this carefully to make the green appear to form a diamond on each side. Then I trimmed the edges to match the white foundation piece.

I decided to put a square of black in each corner using the folded square technique. This time I simply folded a strip that was turned under on the top edge and trimmed the corners when I finished stitching. I think that this would work on all of the squares if you wanted to do it this way.

Here's the finished block. It's not perfect, but with practice I think that it will get better. After all, this is the first try at sewing one.

Here's the back side of the foundation. I don't think that it looks too bad. Go look at the original if you don't believe me.

If you want to make it a whole quilt, just make as many squares as you need to cover your bed and sew them together with an eighth inch seam. Then bind it all with bias tape. You can use purchased tape or make it yourself.

One square was enough for me for today. Tessie wanted nothing to do with this project. She said it was too much like work.

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Okaaaay. Now this makes sense! :) It looks a lot easier than piecing little squares of fabric together too. I'd like to see two blocks together but I agree with Tessie,
too much work for one day!

I started cleaning up my mini stuff today. That is too much for one day too!

Tina said...

Love it! I can see the too much work for one day though to go I have seen one of these in a queen size before.. My SIL's mother made it.. Beautiful quilt. Now keep making one a day and share the finished quilt..
By the way.. How big was your finished square? Doesn't look like it is much over an inch. Thanks for sharing..
Hugs, Tina

rosanna said...

Definitely too much work or me! I shall never try!

Caseymini said...

Tina, the foundation square was cut to 1 1/4" so when I sew them together with an eighth inch seam, they should be an inch square. I doubt if I will finishe this one as a quilt. I am not fond of the colors. Maybe a pillow somewhere...

Maria Jose said...

Is perfect !

Deni said...

OK! Got it now
Thank you for taking the time to write it out and take the photos !
Im sure I can do it now!
Im going to try anyway!