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Monday, September 28, 2009

Playing With a Hood....

No. Not the kind that carries a switch blade and threatens people. I mean the hood over my stove.

For a couple of years now we have been threatening to replace it because the finish was actually crackling and coming up in places on the slanted front. This morning I took action. Or I should say that the six year old took action..... I had started cleaning out kitchen cupboards(Yes. I am still in cleaning mode. I don't know what's wrong with me! Help!!!) Anyway, I was cleaning along....I had the fridge done and a few of the cupboards. Then I came to the ones over the stove hood. When I got up on the stepladder I realized just how bad the hood looked. Hey! I'm short and if I can't see it from the ground, it usually doesn't bother me

I picked at one of the blistered areas of paint and it came up. Beneath it, I discovered steel with just a hint of rust? Hmmmmm.....Steampunk.... This could be interesting..... I got out the retractable razor tool that I use to scrape off spills on the glass top of the stove and went to work. It couldn't get any worse that it was. I had thoughts of running to Ace Hardware and seeing if I could find some paint. But as I worked, I quite liked the color under the paint.

The six year old took over. I remembered that I had copper tape. Lots of copper tape. Mini-Me decided to experiment. After I got the tape where I wanted it, I put some nail heads in all of the intersections. I figure that when I tire of it, I can still go get a can of enamel or even get someone to install a new hood. For now, it looks a lot better than peeling paint and besides, it rescued me from cleaning for about a half hour.

Tessie likes it clean. Now she can slide down it and take Spike with her for the ride.

My other discovery for the day was a new magazine that I hadn't seen before. I was at the grocery store and found "Luxe Interiors and Design" It was less expensive than most home dec magazines and much larger. It is printed on nice, heavy paper and has lots of wonderful ideas inside. There are also a lot of glossy ads that will work well for decoupage and altered art....Well worth the six dollars.

My biggest problem is that Tessie got to it first. I haven't had a chance to sit down and look at it yet. She keeps yelling for me to come look at this and that. She says "There are so many good ideas for my new house!!!" Then she goes back to marking pages. She especially liked the one that she is standing in front of in the last photo. She has now added a greenhouse conservatory to the list of rooms. I may have to take the Harrison kit out from under the bed for her. The Madison is not even close to being big enough for all of the rooms she wants.

I am going to have to go now. I need to hide the magazine. She is only about half way through it. I looked over her shoulder. She has one of my old daily planners and had it about half filled with notes about what she wants. Make that "Hide the magazine and the notebook!"

I wonder if I could talk Zar into erasing the day from Tessie's memory. Maybe if I promise to go back to work on his cottage.......My work is never done....If it isn't one house, it's another!

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

The hood looks amazing! Great makeover! You've been so busy I'll never catch up!
I'm drawing the line at cleaning the fridge though... That's not going to happen anytime soon here!

Kim said...

wow- the hood turned out great! I drive my hubby crazy doing things like that- if we can't replace it then I will at least make it look prettier:) I am thinking if this continues Tessie's house will soon be bigger than yours!