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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Still Another Way......

Are you tired of the many ways to make a quilt in miniature yet? I remembered a really old one that I learned when I first started out.

It turns out a bit stiff, like the last one, but is much less complicated. It is made from bias tape. If you have a bias tape maker for the smallest size, you can even turn out your own fancy tape to use.

I used some old double fold(the least amount of work)1/4" tape and some single fold 1/2" that I had on hand, so the colors could have been better. I used four colors each way. Don't use any of the same colors going in both directions or you will get a lot of weird patterns.

If you are satisfied with a checkerboard quilt, simply use one color for the horizontal and another for the vertical. In this case, I had a lot of different colors so I used 4 colors in each direction.

The first thing that you do is cut a piece of iron on interfacing the same size as the quilt that you want to make and place it glue side up on the mat. I like doing this type of quilt on a ruled, padded surface. In this case, it is one side of a double sided cutting board. It is easier to tell if you are keeping the lines straight.

Anyway, first you pin the horizontals(or verticals, depending on the direction that you want to do the weaving). Then you simply start doing an over and under weave through the tapes that you have pinned down. Notice that the pins slant away from the body of the quilt so that they will hold better. Put a pin at the start, outside the body of the quilt and weave to the other end and pin again.

At this point, all you are concerned with is doing the weaving. When you get to where the second photo is you will want to tighten the weave so that there is no interfacing showing. You may have to adjust the pins.

Tessie has volunteered to pose for scale.....No, not scale pay as in acting. Scale to show you how big the quilt is going to be. She, of course, has already claimed this one too.
You will have to come back tomorrow to see the finished quilt. It is time for me to stop and work on dinner.

Basically, if you want to finish one before tomorrow, all that is left is to iron the tape to the interlining. Trim to size from the back. Put another piece of material on the back that is a bit larger and wrap the edges around to the front and blind stitch the edge. I will be back tomorrow to show you the finishing.

See you then.


Mary said...

Aha! What a great idea. Thanks to you, I just added another project on my list!

Kathi said...

Hey, this is a neat idea! I've been surfing around trying to find a tutorial on making baskets. I came over here first...
This would make a great rug too.
Tucking your idea away. I'm determined to make a basket right now. I have the prettiest cording I would like to use.

Caseymini said...

Kathi, be sure to post photos when you finish the baskets. I want to see what you do!

Linda said...

Great idea! I think this will be another project on my list too. :) Thanks for sharing.

Jill said...

That quilt idea is soooo cool! I love it! I like Kathi's idea to use it for rug making also. You gals are brilliant!
PS: Tessie will stay very warm this winter with all those wonderful quilts she's claimed!

Deni said...

Oh yes I remember this method!
Looks really fantastic Casey and No! we are not over quilts just yet lol... carry on!

now if I could just find some time to do..........

Lena said...

Tank You for all your good ideas and tutorials!
There is always a pleasure to visit your blog!
Now I´m going to look for some nice pabrics!


Katie said...

Hi Casey! I'm not tired of the quilts yet!! I just wish I had access to a sewing machine so I could make some, too!! I like how you did this one~ Love all the colors in it!

beyondbaffled said...

Love it! I want to make a mini quilt, but want to avoid as much sewing as possible!