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Monday, August 24, 2009

Zar's the Star...

I have been sadly neglecting Zar and the Clockwork Cottage lately, but I ran across a photo on the Steampunk Home blog that changed that.

I found this workbench that had been changed into a bar. It seemed perfect for Zar's workshop. There were no measurements, so I decided to make them up as I went along. It wound up being 2X4 feet and about 3 feet high in mini.
I made it from scraps of wood that I had around and just guessed at sizes.

Luxie had it cut out in no time.

I put the top and legs together in one corner of the gluing jig and the bottom shelf and sides together in another corner. After they dried, I slipped the shelf in place and then put the bottom runner on the legs.

It is looking pretty good so far. The legs are a bit narrower than the original, but It's pretty close otherwise. Zar put his seal of approval on it.

I still need to rough it up a bit, add stain and hardware. That is going to have to wait until tomorrow. I need to get my house in order and do more of the work on the prototypes.

See you tomorrow with the finished table.


nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi Casey. Its been great to read all your news lately and all about the museum and taking tessie and Zar with you.
What you are making today is fantastic and the picture you have of the work bench i stored on my comp a little while back because i loved it so much. Its going to look brilliant when complete.
When i looked at this image a while back i saw a potion bench with the bottom shelf being a planter for the witches herbs and mushrooms.
The blog you have found this on is wonderful and its amazing all that has been made of of recycled items.
Will look forward to it being complete.
Nikki x

Deni said...

Well that has turned out very well indeed I am sure Zar is very happy with that!
he Luxie is working great you'll be maing lotsa furniture now!

Julie Old Crow said...

excellent workbench!

Julie Old Crow