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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Liar, Liar!

I went over to the museum this morning and set up a bunch of classes, now through March. That took up most of the morning.

I am going to be teaching a class on getting started in miniature making and choosing tools to get started. Then there will be three basket classes on the different ways to make them.

The Wicker Bassinet class that I proposed turned into a vignette with a few other pieces to go with it. That one will wind up being a 6 part class since I opted to teach it once a week for three hours at a time instead of trying to cram it all into one or two sessions.

The last one we planned will be an intermediate wicker chair. That one will be a three part class. It will be more complicated than the bassinet.

I chose to teach in small spurts rather than one long class because I believe that you retain more if you do it for a couple of hours and then go home and think about the things that you did before you start trying to cram more stuff in your head. I feel that if you stuff all of the information in your brain in one session a lot of it falls out and you lose it. I know that works better for me.

Anyway, about the table that I started yesterday. I lied. I didn't get it done today. After the morning at the museum, I came home and waited for the TV repair man and cleaned up the kitchen. It was a complete disaster area after the past few days with Luxie. You should see the sawdust.....No.....Strike that. You shouldn't see the sawdust. Anyway, now that I have the class schedule settled maybe things will get back to normal. I still have to do some planning, but now I know what I am planning for.

I did put the table in place so that Zar could see if it was going to work, size wise. He was pleased.

Tessie showed up. She hopped up and sat on the table. Theo was trailing her. I think that, for the time being, Zar has resigned himself to having Tessie in the secret workshop. After all, there really isn't anything that she can get into right now. It probably won't be long before she is banned again, because he is talking about setting up shop as soon as the windows are installed.

I am still looking for Spike. Funny thing. When I was wandering around calling his name Theo showed up a couple of different times. It makes one wonder........

See you tomorrow and I promise to finish the table. Progress, I must make progress.....


rosanna said...

Why do I ot live closer? I would like so much to attend your classes!!I'll stick to your tutorials. Hugs

Kathi said...

I wish I could come and take some of your classes! I have so much to learn! Best wishes for a happy return to the classroom.

Caseymini said...

Think about it this way....The tutorials on the blog are classes without the mean old teacher looking over your shoulder. LOL

Julie Old Crow said...

wish I was close enough to attend your classes!! sigh.

Julie Old Crow

Deni said...

Will be looking forward to Zar making some things with his new bench!
I do hope he can keep Tessie away for a time so he can do some projects!