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Sunday, August 23, 2009

A New Pet for Tessie.....

The feud still continues between Tessie and Zar. She will do anything she can to get his goat.....No pun intended. She seems to have figured out how to zap into being, a baby tiger. I guess she couldn't manage a grown one.

I found her in the computer room playing with him this morning. She has named him Theo, after Vincent Van Gogh's brother. He is really cute, but I fear that this is not good news for Balthazar. He is allergic to cats. I think that Theo is in that category, even tho he's not a house cat.

Unfortunately, Tessie knows about the allergy. She played with him for a while until he got bored with the yo yo. Then when Zar came in she tried to get Theo to go into attack mode. He would have nothing to do with the man carrying the big stick.

Tessie got him to take three steps forward then he ran and hid. He took up residence in Spike's bed.....Hmmm...That reminds me. I haven't seen Spike for a couple of days. I wonder if there is a spell to change a pit bull into a tiger?
While I am here, I want to show you my new toy. You probably already have one of these, but it is new to me. I found it in the scrapbooking department of Target this morning. It is made by Fiscars, the same company that makes all of the great scissors. It is an ergonomically correct craft knife. The barrel is kind of triangular in shape and "fits the hand". I am going to try it out for a few days and then I will let you know how it works. We shall see....

Only one other thing. Right this minute I have counted 99,312 hits on the blog! When it hits 100, 000 I am going to have to come up with a way to celebrate. I never in a million years would have thought that I would make that mark!

See you tomorrow.


dora said...

Pues voy a contribuir con mi entrada.
Tessi, ya es un personaje famoso, siempre tiene algo que hacer, ahora juega con un tigre.

Kathi said...

I love your little tiger!
I will make sure you reach 100,000 hits! I'm here everyday and sometimes twice! Love your blog!

Katie said...

Congrats on almost 100,000 vistiors!!! Your blog is totally Awesome Casey!!! :)

And I love the new Tiger! I want one:( ...he is soooo cute, Do his legs actually move?? Tessie is soooo lucky:)

Sans said...

Wow! The little tiger (what do you call them? Kitty?) is handsome. Did you make it? Any tutorial? I am not surprised at all that you have got that many hits. You will hit 100k in a matter of days. That's what a blog like yours is, a must read and addictive as hell.

Debbie said...

Like the look of the new craft knife Casey.. I'm on catch up with your blog..xx