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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Let There Be Light......Please!

Well. It's official. The kitchen light in the Clockwork Cottage is going to have to be replaced. Zar ripped up the floor of the workroom this morning and then tried the light directly attached to the transformer. Nothing.

I suspect that I messed the lines up when I pushed down the chain to make it hang higher. Now we are going to have to take the light apart and start over. It wouldn't be to hard if I hadn't added a lot of extra decorative wire to the arbor. I am tempted to not even try but I think that, if I can get to the bulb, it is a screw out type and maybe that's what's wrong.

I was not in the mood to fight with it, so I have been cleaning kitchen cupboards this morning instead. Isn't that sad? That's the only excuse I could find.

I have been up to my ears in canned goods and out of code date Jello. Those little tiny boxes seem to find their way to the back of the cupboard and hide until the date on the package is past. I wonder if they are doing it on purpose. Somewhere in the world there is a little village of Jello boxes that outsmarted the people that wanted to rip them apart. They are probably living happily, knowing that they are not going to be eaten by giants. I know...... I have done too much cupboard cleaning. My mind is wandering or maybe it just left altogether.....Now. Where was I?

Today Tessie figured out that she can get into any of the room boxes that don't have glass fronts. I don't know why she didn't think of that before. She flits in and out of the Witch's Warehouse and Clockwork Cottage all the time. Real trouble is starting now. If anything isn't fastened down, it's fair game. She still has room in the infamous basket.

So far, she has hit the Egyptologist's office. I made her put the beads back. She had started to stuff things in his carpet bag to take home. I made her leave that too. She stomped out in a snit.

Then she went next door to the the Mexican room box and ate some of their tacos. I was too late to save those.

She went in the living room and proceeded to make arrangements for golf lessons at Above Par Golf Shop. I don't think that she really wants to learn. She just likes the shiny clubs.

I came in here and started writing. I looked up and she was on her way into the Haberdashery. I asked what she was doing. She said "I am planning to have my portrait taken by the professional photographer in here. He will make me look good. There won't be a lot of mini scraps in the photos."

I retorted with "Go ahead. Just remember that the door can be barred and that is the only entrance. How would you like to spend a couple of days in there? That store doesn't have food or drink......Think about it."

She stopped dead in her tracks. Then she jumped down and headed for more wide open spaces. It's been about half an hour since I heard anything. I guess I should go check the basket and see what she has collected that I am going to have to put back.

See you tomorrow.


Karin Corbin said...

The screw out bulbs are the most unreliable connections ever. I never use them. The screw fittings are so sloppy the least little jiggle and they can work loose.

Caseymini said...

Karin, the whole fixture is one that someone gave me. I was too lazy to rewire it. Now I will. I have the same opinion. I don't like the screw type either.

Pubdoll said...

I loved these little peeks in your roomboxes. So fun it would be with a grand tour round your roomboxes and houses with Tessie as guide!

Kathi said...

Oh yes! I would love a room box tour! I'm thinking now that I wish I had decided to light up my house...
or maybe not?!

The Carolina Quilter said...

This is what I am dreading about wiring Joanna's house! That it WON'T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have put out pleas for help on the Greenleaf forums and got several good links; I bought the Cir-Kit tape wiring booklet and I've studied it until my eyes cross. So, we'll see if I can do it without having a nervous breakdown!

That bad Tessie--eating the Taco's.