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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How To Best Use Your Credit Card!

This is the very best way to use a credit card! It's very rewarding. I am spackling more of the Clockwork Cottage before I have to leave for the witches mini meeting. This is a fast and very easy way to stucco a wall. I am using plain old, out of the tub, spackle.

I went and hunted one of the many credit cards that I save for this very purpose. It is wider and more flexible than the usual putty knife. Actually this is an out of date U of A library card, but I save any of the plastic cards that expire.

I dipped it into the spackle tub and spread the compound over a wall. It only takes a matter of minutes because this, as tools go, is very efficient.

After I finished spreading a large section of the wall, I went back over it all with a large stencil brush.

Next I got ready to go over it with the credit card, once more, to knock down all of the little pointy ends sticking up. This is called lace work in the real world. In mini it's called------

"Tessie! Don't interrupt! I'm on a roll!" She was jumping up and down excitedly with a mirror in one hand and the Mesmer crystal in the other. I stopped at once.

"I fixed him! He came at me with that darned crystal gadget that he put together and instead of looking at it, I held up this mirror!" She exclaimed. "It worked! The hypnotism backfired on him!" It seems that when she was coming out of the trance yesterday, with her arms up to her elbows in soap suds, she realized what had happened.

This morning she saw him coming and had the mirror ready for him.

She is now happily directing him to do the lacework that I was doing. About every three minutes I hear, "You missed a spot! No!! Over there!" He is obediently fixing the wall and she is loving every minute of it.

Now....Which is worse? Tessie in control or Zar pulling the strings? I am leaving for the mini meeting in about twenty minutes. If the trance holds until I get back I think that everything will be OK. If it doesn't, I don't think I want to see what happens between the two of them!

See you tomorrow.


Tina said...

LOL, Like they say what goes around comes around.. Seems Tessie is smarter than Zar thought her to be.
I have been keeping up with your posts but rather slack at commenting.. So to let you know.. I have really enjoyed the past couple weeks.. I can't wait to see the clockwork finished.. I am beginning to want to do a 1/12 scale house.. I just don't know if my eyes will hold out on me..
Keep up the good work..

Pubdoll said...

Poor Zar, no peace for the wicked :-)
I think those two are a match made in heaven (or hell?). At least it seems they deserve each other!

Debbie said...

Glad to hear Tessie has got Zar back. That will teach him to mess with our favourite little witch. Sock it to him Tessie..xx

Deni said...

Well I hope Zar has it all finished by the time you get home!!!He will be exhausted working so hard, he will wonder what hit him!

I use that stucco as well its brillian,t a credit card is the best way
OOO i want to get on with my Sugar plum now but am stuck on my wall colour and painting on my half house.....

Creager Studios said...

That is a FANTASTIC use for a credit you said...the BEST!!! Looks like little Tessie has it under control ..I so admire her in charge of things attitude...she is a girl that gets things done!

Witches Meeting...hmmmm, tell!


Caseymini said...

Jodi, The Wednesday Witches is a mini group of 8 to 10 people that I have been with since sometime in 1982. We meet every Wednesday for lunch and an afternoon of minis. Great fun is had by all!

Sans said...

Way to go , Girl! Casey, when you say stencil brush, do you mean ordinary paint brush?

Caseymini said...

Sans, it's the kind of stiff brush that people use for working with painting stencils. It is a very stiff bristle brush. Some people use regular housepainting brushes and cut the bristles off to about 1 or 2" long. I prefer this because it is easier to get into tight spaces with it.

Sans said...

Got you, thanks! May have to use this for my tribal house.

Linda said...

wow fabulous timing!!! i'm doing stucco today too :)....fabulous idea for the credit card....i'm going to try it now on the beacon bash inside!! thanks!!! :) Linda

Eva said...

LOL...LOL... Amazing... I love your sense oh humour!!!
Seriously, this is a very good idea about how to make a beautiful wall...I will try it :)

Creager Studios said...

What Fun Casey....oh how I envy you... no mini groups here..or witches for that matter! Well, that I know of...maybe I should look closer...


Tabitha Corsica said... matter what Zar does, I think Tessie will always have the upper hand :-) Gotta love those two!

I also use an old credit card for spread glue on large surfaces. Much faster than a brush and easier to clean.

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Nice use for a credit card and much better than spending on it and having to pay back. I keep a waterstones loyalty card in my box of tools and do with it much the same as here. I also have a fab stippling brush which has so many mini uses. I like using it too because it was from my husbands aunt that died recently and it always reminds me of her as i stipple. She loved all crafts and would be ever so happy to know all her tools are serving a new purpose again.
I will have to go and read the adventure in the previous post and find out about the trance and making Zar do as Tessie says.
Hope you had a fun mini meeting.
Nikki x