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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Cad, Formerly Known As Zar.....

Today I started working on the leaded windows for the Clockwork Cottage. Here's the first step. I used lead weight tape for golf clubs. I cut it into narrow strips, applied it to the windows on both sides(it's self sticking). Then I painted both sides of the plexi with clear nail polish to get the ripple effect.

If you want to hear more about the method, I did a tutorial when I was doing the book store.

I completed one window and started another one. I got sidetracked and decided to do the shingles on the kitchen window bump out where the window was located. I will be doing more washes on them, but I wanted to see how the house was going to look with them. This was a good place to do just a little sample.

Please notice that Tessie still has access to the house. Zar has her cleaning up and washing dishes. It really does need to be cleaned up so that we can keep working on it.

I am going to try to finish the window in the secret room above this one after I'm done here.

The reason for today's title is a little talk that I had with Balthazar yesterday after Tessie left the premises.

He finally confessed his method for keeping Tessie out of the house. It seems that he discovered this entry in Wikipedia. Yes. He has access to the net. I found out that he has built himself a computer of sorts.
He refused to show it to me for fear that I would try to take it away. Hmmmmm......I am going to have to check behind the bookcase in the living room.... Anyway, after reading about Franz Mesmer and followers, he has built a spinning crystal device for hypnotizing. I guess that it works quite well on the dogs. Too bad he forgot that in his last session with Tessie.

He did show me the crystal and how it works on the dogs, but he whisked it away before I could grab it. He's fast when he wants to be.

I suspect, but can't prove, that he used it on Tessie to get her to clean and wash up.

I asked him why he didn't use it to keep her out of the house again. He put an evil grin on his face and said"She is more useful in the house right now. I will fix the mistake after she finishes what she is doing....." The cad! He is using her to do what he doesn't want to. He read too much Mesmer. Old Franz was a bit of a cad too.

I am going now to see if I can snap Tessie out of the trance. It's no fun without her help to keep Zar in line. I am never going to use the phrase "Poor Balthazar!" again. He has proven that he can more than take care of himself. Bad Zar!

See you tomorrow.


Sans said...

Sigh.. Zar is a typical man after all! :) lol

The Carolina Quilter said...

That Zar is quite innovative but Tessie will find a way around his technological and hypnotic efforts! I love your shingles and the leaded windows! I am trying to decide what color the shingles on Joanna's house should be. The exterior is a muted forest green, the trim is cream and the door and other elements will be a cranberry red. So, I'm bumfuzzled as to what color the shingles should be?!


Anonymous said...

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