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Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Favorite Mini.....

Yesterday, on the Greenleaf Forum, someone asked everyone to list their favorite mini, excluding dolls. I wonder why they didn't want dolls? I got around that by answering that Tessie is my favorite mini and she is not a doll. She is a real, live witch. Just ask her!

Anyone that doesn't read the blog probably thought that I was stark, raving, mad. No comments please.

Tessie was very pleased with the answer. Don't tell her that I have a couple of other real live favorite minis.

They live in the back yard. I simply call them the "Hummers". There are three hummingbirds that live very close and are in the yard all of the time. If I am outside, they will buzz my head, missing only by inches. The first time one of them did that, it scared me half to death. Now I am used to it.

There are other hummers that come to visit, but these three are residents. I took the feeder down and brought it into the house to refill. The momma bird hovers by the kitchen window about 6" from the glass watching to see that I do it correctly. When I take it back out and hang it up they are on it immediately.

I have tried to get photos of them. A blur is mostly how they turn out. Here you can see them both, but just barely.

Momma seems to enjoy perching on the barbed wire wreath that I have hanging on the post. It about 6 feet from the feeder and the window. This is the only good photo that I have gotten of any of them. OK, so it's not great. You try getting a photo of a birds that flap their wings hundreds of times a minute.

Now back to the real minis. When I got home from the mini meeting yesterday, I was very pleased to see that the whole front of the house was plastered. Zar had stucco on his hands and even on his shoes. The hypnosis was wearing off and he kept trying to avoid looking at the crystal....The silly man thinks that holding up a used library card will protect him!
Tessie finally let him go with a warning....."If you ever try hypnotizing me again, YOU will be toast!" I don't know if that means she is going to stuff him in her oven or something worse. Probably the something worse option.

Let's just say he has been put in his place. I think that he is still trying to figure out a way to make her forget the secret room, but it won't be by putting her in a trance. We shall see what he comes up with to take the place of the crystal.

Tessie is hanging on to that for dear life and the last I saw of Balthazar he was cowering in a corner of the secret room, by the dumbwaiter, chewing his nails. Lesson learned for now.....

See you tomorrow.


rosanna said...

Tessie is much more alive than many eople I know and I'd vte for her! Humming birds are wonderful, the first I saw one it was n brazil and I could not take my eys away from it. It as sucking a bird ( I hope this is the right verb) and it really was a bright blue blurr. Simply wonderful!

Deni said...

I know what you mean about folks thinking your mad!!!!
Thats why I luv to go to Mini club, at least your understood there lol

Im so glad that Zar got all that stucco finished while you away, it is quite a job I need someone to help Fergus certainly won't, I see this morning that Cora is trying to hang up the curtains!
Will pop a picture in one has to watch the little folks, one never knows what will happen next

Deni said...

Oh I forgot to mention about the birds, we have those humming birds here, they are quite small aren't they!
I adore birds coming into the garden!Awww Aren't they sweet, waiting for you to attend to their luncheon

Creager Studios said...

Madness is a Good Thing means you are unique and 'ahead' of the curve.... as for 'Hummers' (which is what I call em too) are they not just the most wonderful thing in the world... I could literally watch them all day long... we have several feeders that we keep filled on a regular basis, found several nests in the oleanders and tiny lost feathers for our desert nature cabinet...everything about them is glad you mentioned them...gave me my first smile for the day


The Carolina Quilter said...

Zar did a great job on the plastering. Have you ever seen a hummingbird nest? They are like little lichen cups on tree branches and lined with cobwebs spun like cotton candy. They are flexible and small and just perfect.

Tessie is one of my favorite min's, too.