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Sunday, August 16, 2009

And Still Cleaning........

This morning I pulled all of my fabric and accouterments for needlework from the workroom and other places in the house. I think that I got most of it, but I am sure that I will find more here and there. I am trying to get everything of one kind, in one place......Notice I used the word "trying".

I set up the ironing board where I could see the TV for distraction and went to work.

As soon as I started emptying the first basket, Mookie filled it. He can't resist anything that even slightly resembles a bed. The next think I knew, Tessie was right in there with him. They are two of a kind.
I don't think that Mookie was too happy with the company. She disturbed his cat nap. She whispered something in his ear and that's when I snapped the photo....I would love to know what she said. He was looking straight at me and didn't look happy.

Anyway, the two of them took over the basket so I went on to another one. All in all, I had two baskets and one large drawer full.....Now I have three baskets and one drawer full.....That just doesn't make sense! I did put some frames and other accessories in the drawer from another location.....That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it. There is space elsewhere to fill now.

Basically, I didn't really toss anything, I just reorganized what was there.

I did find a piece of #40 silk gauze that I have been looking for. That made the clean out worth while.

In the photo to the left Tessie is counting pins and needles that I took out of different pieces. No wonder I can never seem to find a needle when I need one!

They are all stuffed in my favorite pincushion. It is a chunk of balsa wood wrapped in contact paper. I have had it for about 30 years and it is the most useful in my pincushion collection. That's because the needles can't get lost in it like they can in the stuffed ones.

When my Grandma Daisy passed on, I inherited her crocheted pincushion. It didn't look like it had any needles in it.....I took it apart to clean it and re stuff it. Mind you, it is about four inches square and maybe an inch and a half high....It had over 100 needles inside! I don't think that anyone had ever taken it apart before. It hangs on the wall in my workroom now. I don't put needles in it because I know that it eats needles for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

BTW, the plastic tube in her hand is a 60s needle case. She says that she is keeping that. Big needles are almost as good as wands. To quote her, "I can wave one of these babies around and Zar won't dare bother me!" She could be right. There are a couple of darning needles in there that just barely fit.

Hmmmmmm........Come to think of it, I haven't seen Zar since early yesterday morning....Let's see....It was about the time that Tessie disappeared with one of the wands.

"Tessie!!!! What did you do to Zar?".........Total and complete silence reigns. "Tessie! Answer me!"

"Zar likes Oreos!".

I have to go fix things again. See you tomorrow.


Katie said...

The look in Mookies eyes says it all! Poor Fella! I wonder what he's thinking, too.

LOL....I've always used a small teddy bear to hold my pins. I know, a little morbid, but my best friends Mom taught me it..and When the needles get lost, I just squeeze his arms, and they pop back out.

Thank you for your kind comments. I have been out reading peoples blogs, just haven't left comments....and Your blog is still one of the first I look at everyday:)

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

oh, if I only could decide myself to begin putting some order in all my stuff...I will try to follow your example and give it a start!
big hug from Belgium!

Debbie said...

I see Tessie has now pilfered a Penguin in the last photograph! Love the picture of her and Mookie, I wonder what they are planning...

FabShabbyRoses said...

'''''OMG''''' was the first thing that came to mind when you said how many pins/needles were in the pin cushion! And then I laughed!! What a shock that must have been. I can imagine her always needing to buy more because they kept "disappearing" and she could never find one! HA!