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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dungeons and Dragons.....

I lied about the dragons.....

I am once more making a stab at cleaning in the workroom this morning, with Tessie's assistance.

It's another one of those times where I debate whether to clean or just put a condemned sign on the door and slip away. I didn't think that a sign would help much. I would still have to go in there to dig out supplies.

At least when Tessie helps it's entertaining. She is loving the new feets and has been dancing all over the place. The trouble is that she is finding things that I didn't know that I had stored away, or I should say, she didn't know I had.

Her first find was a plexi, house shaped box full of future wands. She says that with all of these I won't even have to stain and finish them. "Why bother? What could be better than hundreds of disposable wands?" she wanted to know.

I was afraid that she would amuse herself by trying the toad spell on Spike again, so I grabbed a bag of little skeletons that I bought at the mini show last year and tossed them at her......Darned if she didn't make them line up like the Rockettes and dance for Spike. I couldn't even make them stand up by themselves. Hey! It's better than turning him into a toad.

Did I mention that she found another container of toothpicks that I keep in my tool bag? It's a never ending supply of spell makers for her.

She soon got bored with zapping things here and there. She found a chair, a box of chocolates, a thermos of bug juice and a box of ginger snaps.

I was watching a show on the History Channel about Castles, so she pulled up the chair, and using the tape dispenser as a footstool, she started watching.

She is now dreaming of Spiderwort Castle.......She likes the crenelated towers and the idea of slits that you can stick a bow and arrow through and shoot at someone if you don't want them to invade.....Watch it Zar!

Unfortunately about half way through the program they started talking about and showing photos of dungeons......Not a good thing.

Now Tessie wants a torture chamber. "It can be in the basement that you are going to build."

"I do like the stretcher thingy. I wonder if Zar would let me try it out on him if I get one?"

She waited a few minutes and as the torture thingies got worse, she relented. Nope. She still wanted a dungeon, but no torture thingies. It seems that she doesn't like the sight of blood. Who knew? "I wouldn't use one of those Iron Maiden thingies to puncture Zar in a hundred places at once. He would leak!" And then after some deep thought......."After all, who needs a torture chamber when they have a lifetime supply of wands?" And then......"Do you think that Zar would make a good armadillo?"

Back to the show. See you tomorrow.


Debbie said...

Glad to see Tessie is back to her old self. x

Mary said...

The slits in the towers are also strategic places to fire spells from wands. Make sure you demand that at the very least a proper tower be installed, Tessie, slits and all :)

George the Miniguy said...

I love your sense of humor! When I saw Tessie using the tape dispenser as a foot stool, I just had to laugh. Thanks for making your blog so fun to read.

Sans said...

She's nicely propped now and yes, her feet definitely "look" daintier. It's her height, you say but I can't really tell from the pic. Maybe if she will wear a mini skirt, her enhanced height will be more obvious. Those dancing skeletons are a hoot.

Kathi said...

Great post! You are just too funny!

I might have to make a sand castle hosue for Fiasco. Seems he has some pirate friends and I don't want them hanging out in the beach house!