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Monday, August 17, 2009

Before and After......

I just thought you might like to see what happened after the last photo yesterday.

There were a couple of people that thought that Tessie stole a penguin.....Not so. She couldn't find the armadillo spell, so she substituted the penguin one. Then she started feeding the penguin Oreo cookies to keep it quiet. It was chattering a blue streak when I found them.

When I forced her to reverse the spell, this was the result. There was Zar in her arms, complete with Oreo cookies, yelling "Put me down! I hate Oreos!"

Tessie didn't understand the last part. She loves Oreos, so she just assumed it was a fit diet for penguins.

She then dropped Zar on the floor and huffed off, mumbling under her breath,"Ungrateful lout....I give him cookies and he doesn't even say thank you." It's the usual Tessie logic. She wasn't worried about Zar being turned into a penguin. She was just irritated that he didn't like the cookies.

I'll be back later... I have to go sweep up the cookie crumbs and ruffled feathers.


Debbie said...

PMSL Trust Tessie, I wondered where Zar was..She's such a clever little witch..x

Sans said...

LOL! C'mmon Zar, you looked like you really enjoyed being carried by Tessie. Glad you caught them in the act, Casey!

Deni said...

Thats so funny!
Poor Zar!