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Monday, August 3, 2009

105° and Rising......

With that temperature, you would think that Tessie would be sitting on an ice cube in the freezer!

I thought that you might like to go look at the article that appeared in yesterday's paper here. As you know, we will soon have our very own miniature museum here in Tucson. This gives you all of the latest information. . I don't know how long this will stay on the net so go have a look as soon as you can. My friend Pat has 30 years worth of the best miniatures around almost ready to look at. This is where I worked restoring antique miniature houses for several years. That was until there was no more room in the room reserved for those. If you come to Tucson, be sure to go look! As they say, it's the best ticket in town!

I have not gotten even a smidgen of miniatures done in the past 24 hours. I spent the morning cleaning bathrooms and doing laundry. I am not even trying to multi task. It is too hot. I just want to get everything done.

After you left yesterday, Tessie and I had a terrible argument. She filled the rest of the basket with my favorite bed and a tub of Mini hold so that she could fasten everything down. I let her have the Mini hold, but I finally retrieved the bed by saying that I would make her a new one just as good IF she ever found a decent place to keep it. It was not going in the wall!

She also tried to talk me into emptying the larger basket in the back of the photo so that she could use that one instead.....It was a much nicer basket(much nicer meaning much larger). I won that round. I told her she could only use it if she put the things in it in their proper place without spells. HA! She is just like the rest of us. That would be too much like hard work!

Saturday I finished a pair of socks and noticed that I had a lot of leftovers from other pairs that I had made. I started making a pair with the leftovers. You know my favorite saying. "Use it up wear it out. Make it do or do without." I have enough leftovers for at least two pair of socks!

They won't be a maternal pair, but fraternal is sometimes more interesting. Mostly alike, but not quite. Anyway, Tessie crawled into one of them when I was taking a break and asked if I was making her a sleeping bag.....Another argument ensued. If they weren't for her, why was I wasting my time when I could be working on a new house for her. You know how that goes, so I won't repeat it. I did wrest the socks away from her. She kept using the pointy sticks to keep me away. I finally just walked away and waited for her to leave.

Remember the first sentence in this entry? Tessie read it over my shoulder. I went out to the kitchen to check on her because it was so quiet.

I should never let her read what I write. She grabbed a paper plate that was left over from Wednesday's meeting. She then proceeded to zap herself a chair and a chunk of ice from the freezer. She can get into anything that isn't padlocked! The last I saw of her, she was sitting on the chair trying to figure out how she could con someone into standing there and fanning her with the Chinese fan she has in the basket. Hey! At least she isn't going to drip all over the place when the ice melts.

I am trying really hard to ignore her now.

See you tomorrow, hopefully with minis.


The Carolina Quilter said...

Cute socks! That Tessie! I spent the entire day cleaning my basement quilting/miniature/crafting studio. If I ever get it cleaned out, cleaned up, organized and set, I'll actually be able to work on mini's.


Jill said...

That Tessie is on a roll! Love her "disposable ottoman"! Too cute!

Sans said...

Thanks for the link to the impending opening of the museum. Just from the picture alone, I can tell it's going to be fascinating. Pity though why these museums (re:2 biggest ones in US closed) don't get enough funding to stay open. The Taiwan Museum which became the largest in the world after the closure of the one in Netherlands was appealing for people to take over when I was there this year.

Debbie said...

Oh Tessie mind you don't get frost bite.. LOL x

The Carolina Quilter said...

Casey, I've passed the Fourth Photo challenge on to you on my blog. You're to open the fourth file on your computer and post the fourth photo on your blog and explain a little about it and then pass it on to four others. Hope you have time to participate.