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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Going to Need a Bigger Room........

I have finished painting the rocks on the box of rocks. I conned Tessie into posing inside with the gargoyles once more. She wouldn't say yes to it until I agreed to make an exchange. For her posing, I had to let her out no less than 3 minutes later and I had to gice her permission to fill a shopping basket with minis for her stash. She knows that I know she has the stash. She just doesn't think that I know what's in it or where it is. Silly me....I agreed.

I think that the rocks look pretty good. I may have to a little touch up here and there, but not much.

Anyway, I am making a long story short. She got out and told me that she was going to go get her basket and start filling it. "I'll be back when I'm done." she said.

After half an hour, I was starting to worry. Just when I thought I was going to have to go in and get her out of the workroom, she popped back to the table with the shopping basket semi full. She is now the proud owner of two new chairs, a lowboy, a hanging shelf unit, a set of red suede luggage, a red footstool,a couple of packages of fine silk fabric, a Chinese fan, three lizards and a couple of snakes. I am not sure if she has anything hidden under the chair or not. And she's not finished yet.

I didn't specify which basket she was to use. This one was empty, so she took it. The basket isn't full. That was the agreement. Basket full!

With the exception of the silk, I don't really care about the stuff she took. It just means less for me to put away.

I finally told her that I know where her stash room is. I also told her that she must be able to close the door without things sticking out around the edges. She looked me straight in the eye and said "If you would just hurry up and get to work on Spiderwort Manor I wouldn't have these problems!" Then the basket disappeared with her still in it......I quickly came into the computer room and looked behind the stool....Nothing.

I have a feeling that Tessie found an old copy of "The Borrowers" that was stuck in one of the bookcases......All of our walls are hollow!!!!! She is way worse than a pack rat!

See you tomorrow.


April said...

I am glad that Tessie is having fun at the Mini Mom Store!

MiniKat said...


Jill said...

That Tessie has pretty good taste in furniture... I could do without the snakes and lizards though!

Susanna said...

I'm liking Tessie more ond more very day... good taste in books ;)

Kim said...

My first thought as this page popped up was- how the heck did Casey get Tessie back inside that box?!!

Leave it to Tessie to trick you by not specifying the basket size- When she starts to stash your real size furniture you are going to have to rein her in!!

The Borrowers was one of my absolute favorite books as a child- that and The Secret Garden :)

Debbie said...

LOL Casey. I think you should just give in and build her, her "Spiderwort Manor"..xx