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Friday, July 17, 2009

Lights. Camera. ACTION!!!

I spent the morning in the work room..... I have to get it organized, once and for all. It is not easy to work at the top of a 6 foot stepladder with Tessie. She zapped herself up onto the plant shelf that I call the attic. It has seldom used miscellanea stuffed up there to store. She found an unused greenhouse frame and announced that it would be great for growing spiderworts and other plants for spells and potions. She wandered around up there until she decided that was the only thing of interest. Then she headed down to the lower, safer shelves on the side.

She rummaged around there for a while and then disaster struck.....She found the DVD player. "What is this infernal machine?" I told her that it was an infernal movie player. That was easier than explaining DVDs to her. And anyway, I don't think I could. I am not even sure what they are exactly. All I know is they play pretty pictures on a screen and tell a story.

She demanded that I come down from the ladder and turn it on for her. She was watching carefully. She settled on a new set of four DVDs that I just got on the bargain table at Walmart. It's a compilation of forty of Alfred Hitchcock's early movies, including six silent ones that I have never seen. How could I pass it up for 5.00? Good stuff.

She couldn't find any popcorn, so she settled on a can of coke and a whole sheet of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. She sat there watching and happily munching. I went back to work up in the attic.

After a while she got bored and wandered off. I am not complaining, mind you. I just got a bit worried when I didn't hear anything but the sound from the DVD player that she left on.

I came down from the ladder and started working on the pile on the work table. I didn't think anything about it when the player went silent. I just figured that it had run out.
I turned around and looked. It was no longer on the stool where Tessie had been watching.
That made me a little nervous. Missing Tessie, missing DVD player, equals trouble....

I went looking for both. This is what I found. Tessie was in her director's chair and Zar in his big wicker one. She zapped the player into the cat cozy. They had a stack of DVDs waiting to be watched.

When Tessie saw me, she exclaimed "This is just like going to the movies! It's nice and dark."

I asked what they were watching....Then I saw it. "Hackers!" Tessie explained that they picked that one because it was all about computers and taking over the world. Well she got the computer part right. She and Zar are making plans. I am slightly apprehensive. They have "Pitch Black" with Vin Diesel, "A Hard Day's Night" with the Beatles and, of all things, "Caddyshack"......It should be interesting to see which parts of these films they plan to use in their diabolical scheme. I am just going to stand back and watch.....and probably giggle hysterically every once in a while.

See you tomorrow.


nikkinikkinikki72 said...

They look so nice and snug.
They spend a lot of time together these days and seem ever so happy in each others company.
So funny!

Ara said...

Not sure if these are the right words but HOW CUTE!!! Its just like a big screen tv for them - haha! I must say those two are very innovative :) -ara

Jill said...

That Tessie is a clever little witch! I totally love reading about their shenanigans each day!

Anonymous said...

Who ever would have thought that a cat cozy would make a movie theatre. Brilliant Tessie! What a wonderful idea. Casey your stories keep getting better and better. I wouldn't miss a day in the life of Tessie and Zar.

niknik said...

У нее хороший вкус: Я тоже люблю Хичкока!)))) Очень остроумная идея с телевизором!

MiniKat said...

I bet they would like "Stardust." Looks like they might stay out of trouble until the movies run out.

Creager Studios said...

I think I need to drive down to Tucson and Hug that precious little Tessie... such a smart little gal and a real charmer...

Oh...and a Big Hugs to you as well Casey...
Have a Great Weekend


Debbie said...

PMSL. So funny Casey, mind you I have to say Tessie and Zar seem to have the right idea with the cat cosy. But what about the poor Cats are they getting a look in. xx