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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ancient Pottery...?

I was sidetracked this morning. It was much more fun meeting April for coffee and antiquing than staying home, going to pot. We spent a couple of hours wandering around our favorite mall. I only bought one box of metallic embroidery thread for 4.00....She sprinted past me and bought everything else. The thread was a real bargain, but not of interest to miniaturists. It is more for "real" embroidery.

When I got home I put another coat of paint of the pots from yesterday.

I remembered some Italian terracotta pots that I had years ago. They had designs on them that almost looked like they were made of rope. I decided that it could be done in miniature with #5 pearl cotton. I dug around and found some brown. With white glue, I made raised designs on the larger pots. The two on your left are with just the thread. The larger one at the rear is with one coat of paint over the thread.

I then put two coats of paint over the thread, letting it dry between coats.

Last, I did a wash with burn sienna Ceramcoat. They look kind of raggedy and old. that's the way I wanted them. I have decided to let them be until I decide what to put in them.
If you want some examples of aged pots, go over to Nikki's blog Witch and Wizard Miniatures. She sent everyone to a website for real aged pots yesterday. There are some wonderful ideas there.

I will probably put some other aging and moss on these after I decide what I am going to use them for.
I know where one is going. Tessie didn't even ask. She grabbed the one with the swirl design on the sides. She informed me that it was going to have spiderwort planted in it and It was going to......
Do I have to say it???

Spiderwort Manor.....She wants matching pots for either side of the front door. Is she serious??? Dream on, Tessie!

See you tomorrow.


Katie said...

At least Tessie's dreams are achivable, lol!!! The pots look really good Casey, like how you added the extra touch onto them!!

dora said...

Te han quedado magnificas, ya me guarde el tuto.
Que placer leer cada dia su blog.

Un Taller de Miniaturas said...

It is a wonderful tutorial. The result is great!! Thanks for sharing.


Kim said...

Love the pots! What a great idea to add the thread. Seems to me that if there is one thing Tessie is really great at it is dreaming big :) Now you will have to figure out how to make puce spiderwort plants!

Caseymini said...

Kim, Spiderwort plants have purple flowers. That's close enough for Tessie. lol Kat over at Little Thoughts From an Average Mind has some photos of spiderworts in her garden if you want to see them.

April said...

I'll take one of each in regular people size please.

MiniKat said...

The pots look great, Casey. You should see if Jayne would make you a couple of spiderworts. ;-)

Jollie said...

Dear Casey,

I found this post too :)
My gosh you did a wonderful job with the strings on them!
I will also have a look at Nicky's site for more ideas.
Thanks so much for this tutorial :)

Hugs, Jollie