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Friday, January 23, 2009

A Small Guest.....

Today my daughter April brought over her friend Shana, Shana's son and her mother for a couple of hours. Shana has been in living with her husband in Germany for a few years now. This was my introduction to her son Gavin. He is almost four. He has big blue eyes and a cheerful smile. This is a photo of him a year ago. Add a year of happiness and good cheer and you have Gavin now.

When they came to the front door I could see that Gavin was a bit apprehensive. He had heard part of a conversation among the adults saying that I met with witches every Wednesday. He kind of held back until we explained to him that I was a good witch. He explained to me that bad witches had hooked noses by crooking his index finger and extending it out from the tip of his nose. He was a little more reassured with that. I didn't have the requisite hook at the end of mine.

We showed him the Witches' Warehouse and explained that the bottom of the building was where good miniature witches bought things. We told him that the witches that work there and shop there are the good kind. He pointed out each witch and saw that only Esmirelda had the crooked nose. We told him that not all witches were distinguished as good or bad by the shape of the nose. That was acceptable. He was still looking at me sideways once in a while.

What finally won him over was homemade cinnamon rolls and Black Cherry Kool-Aid. After that and a cat to play with, I was acceptable. We had a wonderful time eating, drinking(he was very happy that I had bendy straws). Then he sang us some songs and made us join in. The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round was the best version that I have ever heard!

He bounced around from one thing to another. He loved my dragons and Iggy, the fake iguana that sleeps in the cat tree. It was almost as big as he was. He tried carrying it around and we finally convinced him that the iguana was very tired and had to go back to sleep in the cat tree. He put the creature gently to bed and went on to the next thing. He kind of reminds me of me when I am using my 6 year old attention span.

At the end of the visit I introduced him to Tessie. He had to examine carefully her food, her bed and all of her belongings. We had a conversation about each thing. Finally I took Tessie out of her chair and straightened her to standing so that he could see her better. He very gently picked her up and put her in bed and announced that it was time for her to go to sleep.

As they left he very solemnly shook my hand and told me that it was a very nice visit. I think that he is no longer afraid that the bad witches are going to get him. And I do believe that we have another miniaturist growing up in the world.

Now I am off to do something really silly. I am going to straighten my tool bag and then attempt to get into my workroom........Wish me luck.

See you tomorrow.

Post Script.....This award seems to be going round and round. I received it again today from Erika and Rosanna. Thanks ladies. I am running out of people to give it to, so I have decided that it is only fair to give it to all of the blogs that I follow. If I am on your followers list, consider yourself awarded!


Debbie said...

Oh bless Gavin sounds like a nice little boy. Thank goodness Tessie behaved herself..

Doreen said...

I do wish you luck if you are attempting to clean up your wookroom. I know what a horrendous job that can be. Maybe Tessie could help????? I really enjoy reading about Tessie's adventures and the creation of her cottage around her.

Caseymini said...

Doreen, Tessie is the one that caused the mess in the first place. I am definitely not letting her in the workroom ever again! She is banned!

rosanna said...

What a lovely little man. He makes me sick with nostalgia of my own kid (when he was 4)Happy you have spent such a pleseant day