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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Glue Tool!

The sum total of my mini work today was two leaded windows. The photo is about as exciting as glue drying........ I have an excuse. Our microwave oven died a horrible death! I had to go find a new one. I went to three stores looking for one like our old one. Didn't find one. Had to settle. Not happy.

Anyway, I didn't get started doing minis until after I got back. That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it. I am not mentioning that I had coupons for both Michael's(2 for 50% off) and Jo Anne's(1 for 40% off). That netted me half price DAS, half price Yes Glue and 40% off of the silly glue pen(see below).
See the little gadget in the photo? Maybe some of you already have one of these. It is put out by Aleene's Tacky. I paid 63 cents for it with coupon. I think that it is going to be a cult classic. Those that find it will love it.

It is made of soft squeezy plastic and has a very fine point. It is filled with fast drying Aleene's. I am not sure that I will keep using that. What is nice about the little softy is, it's refillable. They don't tell you that on the outside, but I imagine that they had to make it so that the top comes off if it's little nose gets stuffed up. And the other nice feature is that handy dandy top that is airtight. When it runs out, I will probably fill it with something other than the fast drying stuff. I always fight with that. It is faster than I am.

I am probably the only person that gets excited about a new glue bottle. So.....I will send you site seeing to make up for it.

The first site is one that has lots of free patterns for stained glass windows and such. They are about the right size for minis. If they don't fit, you can download them and change the size yourself. I do that in my Print Shop program.

The second one is a rug hooking site that I ran onto a couple of days ago. The patterns would be suitable for either bunka rugs or punch needle. There are even a few crazy people that do mini rugs with the dreaded french knot. That would work too. I saved the website for future use and I thought that others might like some of the things on there too.

This is a great use for the new glue applicator. I may have to make a bunka rug to see how it works. You go site seeing and I will go play in the glue.

Oops! I forgot to mention that I finished this last night. All it needs is black pen along the edges and a quick press.

See you tomorrow.


Minka's Studio said...

OK, it's 2 years later. Did this end up being a favorite among miniaturist? It sounds like a cool idea. I'm new to the minis...learning what supplies and equipment to buy. Thanks!

Caseymini said...

Minka, the glue tool is still around here somewhere, but I also found similar ones at Walmart in the children's crafts section a lot cheaper. I use those now because they are slimmer and a little smaller. They come six to a package and also can be refilled.