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Monday, September 15, 2008

Tufting 101

Today I started concentrating on the second floor. I decided to fill in the blanks on the bay window seat. I didn't want it to be the same as the first floor. I am tufting the seat and the front panel. Here's how.
First measure the two areas that are to be padded. Then cut mat board to fit the areas. I chose to do a simple 3 button tuft for both. You can pick any sort of pattern in diamonds or squares. Mark the places that you want the buttons. Poke a hole in each spot with a needle or hat pin. Next pad with batting. I did two thicknesses of the thin stuff for the seat and one for the front panel.
Next cover the padded boards with fabric. Miter the corners and glue all around to the back.
Using 3 strands of knotted embroidery floss, come up from the back side through one of the holes. Either do a double twist french knot or put a seed bead on the needle and then go back down through the same hole. Do this in all of the holes and then tie off on the back side.
You can use this technique on the top part of a chair cushion before gluing it to the body. This can also be used to make padded headboards for beds among other things. I put the pads in place in the bay. I haven't glued them in yet. I still need to do the windows.
I also did a bit of wood trim on this side of the room. I plan to make lots of cushions to put in the space.
It's a long way from done. I guess it's about time to break out some more wood scraps for the dollhouse eating trolls under the bed until I finish. I definitely need to work faster!
See you tomorrow.

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