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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Laid to Rest....

Hubert's Haberdashery has found a home.

It is living on top of my computer desk. It seems very happy there. It somehow goes with the roll top desk. Mookie especially likes it. He is asleep on the roof. You can't see him because he is behind the false front where the sign is. He has spent quite a bit of time there since I put the building up there yesterday. I hazarded a trip into the workroom to find a rug. I didn't like any of the ones I had on hand. Soooooooo......You get to watch me make a braided rug this morning. It is worse than watching paint dry.

The first thing you do is find some embroidery floss that goes together. I used some Weeks Dyeworks and Needle Necessities over dyed that I make baskets with. It doesn't have to be that fancy. Plain old DMC will do. Then I braided, and braided, and braided. Then I braided some more. The Weeks Dyeworks thread is already cut into about 18" lengths. I guess they are saving you from yourself when you are doing embroidery with this brand. You shouldn't use a length any longer than that. Them's the rules. It will start to get thin if you use longer pieces from pulling it repeatedly through the fabric. So they save you the trouble of cutting it.

Anyway, You need to tie the three pieces together with an overhand knot and put a dab of white glue just below the knot. When you get to the end put a dab of glue on the last part of the braid. I ended up with two 14" braids for the lighter center part, One length for the two rounds of the rust, then 3 light braids for the wider band and 2 for the dark edge. When you think you have enough, you probably don't, but you can braid more and add as you go along if you like. Also, you can mix colors in the six strands of each hank of the braid for a different effect. Experiment. It is fun! Just be sure to stick to 6 strands in each leg of the braid.

I use pellon for the backing. I like it because it doesn't ravel. You could use regular cotton fabric if you wanted to. I clip the pellon to the clip board that I was using to hold the braid while working on it. Spread a thin line of glue down the center of the piece of pellon that is about an inch bigger all around than you want the rug to be when you are finished. You start with a long center to make the rug an oval. If you wanted a round rug you just spiral. Cut the end of one of the braids straight across. This is the only one that is cut across. It makes an easier turn the first time around. I did the center about 2" long then you make a U turn and go back the way that you came. When you get back where you started, you have completed one row. Make a U turn again and go down the other side. Always cut a row off at the same place. It will make for a nicer looking rug. When you finish with a piece at that point, cut the thread at a slant towards the center of the rug. Add the next braid that you have cut at a slant and keep going. When you finish let the glue dry. Trim the pellon as close to the braids as you can with a small, sharp pair of scissors. If any of the pellon shows it can be colored with a pen to match the last row of braid.

I put it outside the front door so that you could see it. It will go inside as soon as I am done here. Otherwise the Widget(other cat)may carry it away. That's his speciality.

That's it for today. I may have to break down and go back to cleaning my room so that I can find some other project to work on tomorrow.

See you then.

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Kathi said...

Hi Casey!
I'm going to try making one of these braided rugs. Wish me luck!
Thanks for the tutorial!