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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fame? I don't think so...

This morning I woke up to an e mail asking permission to use this photo as part of the background in a music video, or as the writer spelled it a music vidoe......The e mail said if I wanted to do it all I had to do was make them a "friend" on my Flickr photo page. I went to the site where they said that I could listen to their music.

I decided against it and tried to answer with a polite "no". The letter was returned to me. They evidently didn't want that answer. The only way I could answer was with the "add a friend" option.

Did I mention that they said that they would like permission to use any of my other photos as well? I discussed it with friends and was warned that it might be a way of identity theft or even a virus. I ran my anti virus. Nope. From now on if I get something like this it will go in the bin as soon as I see it. I think that they only way that they could have picked it out was putting in the word "bedroom" to search. I just thought that the rest of you(if anybody is actually reading this stuff) should be aware of this kind of thing. Pretty irritating.

If you are still with me, the bedroom photo above is one of a series of 1/4" scale rooms that are done in 1" scale trunks.

The first one I did was an attic in a trunk.......And before you say anything, I know it's supposed to be trunk in an attic. I like it my way better.

The little quarter inch oriental rugs are some that I copied onto muslin from a real rug site on the web. Most of the furniture is the little plastic stuff that comes on cards by the roomful. I found that you can carve it to make it look different. The accessories are just out of my stash or made to fill in. Again, thank goodness for the people that put printies on their websites. The movie posters are cut from magazine ads for dvds. They were just the right size. I will show you more of these later.

Just so you don't get too bored, I am throwing in another 1/4" box. This one is a tea box from Harrod's in London. I bought it with the tearoom in mind when we were there. What better way to remind me of a great trip?

Would you care to join me for a cuppa?

No. I didn't work on the Mystery House today.

See you tomorrow.

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