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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Just A Little More Time...

I miss you all.

I have decided to (once again) go through every box and drawer in the workroom. 

It may take me a week, but I am going to do it.  every time I decide to so something mini, I can't find anything!!!!

Tessie is no help at all!  She retreated to her cottage as soon as I started making lists of where things should go this time...

I may have to bake cookies to get her out of there.

This is the contents of one drawer!!!

The gem show starts Thursday... And I don't have room for more stones and beads.
 Some of it will go quickly.  George doesn't need anything but dusting.  The books just need rearranging by category. The room boxes just need a bit of sweeping up.

Once I get all of this cleaned out, I am ready to start on working every day.. Be it minis, beading, or knitting.  I just need ORDER in my world.

See you tomorrow.

Have a great day!!!


Matxalen said...


The grandmommy said...

It is consoling to know even the most talented mini people have organization issues. I Will Be Watching Closely!

Katie said...

I am ready to work on my dollhouse again. You are inspiration!

Isabel Ruiz said...


elizabeth s said...

It is amazing how quickly our workrooms revert to chaos at the least provocation. I know that as soon as I tidy up mine, I mess it all up again trying to remember the new locations of what I've just organized. I wish you better success Casey.

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
It is so nice to see a new post. I gave up organizing my drawers a long time never lasts more then 1 week. But I do hope it goes well and that you will be ready for your greatly anticipated return. You have been missed.
Big hug