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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Gifts All Around....

Walter got Birthday and Christmas both.  His birthday was Jan.1.  I got birthday and Christmas gifts too. My Birthday is later this month.

Tessie and Zar just got new Sheds for their Christmas presents.

Walter and I got new cars so we made them our Christmas presents and Birthday gifts. We got matching Mazdas. His is a CX-5 and mine's the little brother. It's a CX-3. Mine's a baby.

 The mini two got a He Shed and a She Shed.  Each of them think that they got the better deal.  Tessie thinks hers is best and Zar thinks his is the greatest.  To use their words!

I am not going to trade mine for either of theirs and I don't think Walter would either.

Besides, they are both too short to reach the peddles!
Walter got me a gift certificate for Joanne's Fabric and Crafts.  I went over there earlier this week and got yarn.  And more yarn... They were having a big sale on all of the yarn that they carry.

I have been doing some knitting and needed a bag to carry the knitting bowl that Seth made me last year for Christmas. 

This is the bag that I made.  The bowl fits in the bottom and there is enough room for a BIG ball of yarn on top.

Anyway, that's about all I have to show you today.  I am going back and work on the Sheds some more now.

See you tomorrow.  With finished sheds!


Sheila said...

Good to see you! My congratulations (sympathies) on the new cars. I love mine but I hate the payment. I hope you're sleeping better and having a better time blogging. I keep reminding myself that this is supposed to be fun.

Unknown said...

Hi, no more Mustang ?? What color did you get? I looked them up , looks great, it's alot like my Honda CRV. Glad you are blogging again, missed you. Hope to see you in late April, we are coming April 20th for two full weeks. Lunch ?? : ) Gayle

Caseymini said...

Hey Gayle! Micha's is up and running again. See you there. Just let us know when!

Unknown said...

I looked Micha's up on line but couldn't decide if it had been rebuilt or now, so glad to hear it is, we really loved that place. Will call you when we get there. Can't wait to get back to Az.

elizabeth s said...

You and Walter each getting new cars are some pretty good
Christmas /Birthday gifts WHICH are gifts that keep on giving!