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Monday, January 7, 2019

Clean? I Don't Think So!!!

I have been cleaning and knitting.  I have this much done of a sock for myself. I like the colors.

It's just plain knitting yarn. Not particularly for socks, but I like it.
While I was doing that and going to a movie, I told Tessie to clean her cottage so that I could take photos when I got back...

When I got back, I ran my fingers over the floors and came up with very dirty, dusty fingers...

She kept saying, "But I did it!".  I could tell just by looking that she was fibbing!

I am not doing any new things for those that can't keep things clean.

I am now going to check on Zar's trailer... If it isn't in good enough shape to take photos, he is not getting anything done either!  I an going on strike until some of those little people do some BIG work! I put the work into the places that they live.  The least they could do is keep them clean. I am officially on strike now!!!

Back to knitting.  See you tomorrow.

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