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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Tessie! Go Away!!!

I have had a couple of decisions to make... Tessie is NOT helping.

At the usual middle of the night "wake up call" I decided that it would be easier to make an elevator in the tower than a LOT of stairs.  An elevator it is.

Tessie will like it after I get it done. It is much easier to push a button than walk up a flight of stairs... Curving stairs at that.

Sorry about the Kleenex box.  I forgot it was there until it showed up in the photo.  I took it off for the rest of the photos.

Tessie came back in while I was sketching.  Of course she wanted an explanation for each line I drew...

She has been sitting there, adding suggestions as I do the sketches.  You know.  "Erase that line and move it up a couple of blocks. 

I finally wrote across the page... "NOT TO SCALE!!!"

She gave up after that.  I am now sitting in piece and quiet.  It is much easier to plan without her help...

I know where the bed is going to hang.  Where the bathroom is going to open and where the shower curtain will hang.

I am actually able to think for myself now!

The elevator will be to the left as you come in the tower door.

From there you can either go into the living room or into the elevator to go up to the rooftop.

Anyway, that's all I have accomplished today.  I will get going on the rest of it tomorrow. I want to play something else for the rest of the afternoon.

See you tomorrow.


meemaw said...

Tell Tessie she can be boss if she can say this three times fast: PROPER PRIOR PLANNING PREVENTS P*SS POOR PERFORMANCE! That's what my friend's pop always said, and I thought it was good advice...Be safe, Casey! And thanks for sharing your journey with the rest of us!

Véronique said...

Does Tessie really need stairs or an elevator? I thought she could zap herself to wherever she wanted.

Caseymini said...

Veronique, She doesn't need them, but guests do. Some of them don't know how to zap like she does.