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Thursday, September 6, 2018

A Guided Tour....

I am just typing what Tessie says...

Hi! I am Tessie and this is my new trailer... It's not really a trailer... It's going to be a castle with the trailer in the center. Casey just doesn't know it yet...

This is the entrance. The tower will contain the staircase to the second floor.

Casey thinks that that is going to be a play area like Zar's trailer... I am not so sure...
This is the actual trailer.  The area to my left is going to be the kitchen and the area where we came in is going to be the living room.

Pardon the mess. Casey piled materials in the middle of the living room.

This will be my bath and the bed will hang over in the other end of the room. 

I haven't planned what is going on the second floor yet.  If I do, I am not telling Casey until I am ready to do it.
This is the second floor... I can't really tell you what is going to be up here yet.  If I do, Casey will put a stop to it. 

You are just going to have to be patient.  Wait and see!  It is going to be a little different than Zar's. (Actually, a LOT different).

Don't tell Casey!!!  I heard that Tessie!!!!

I am going back to work now... Yes.  This is Casey. I am telling you that Tessie is going to get locked out of the work area now.  Punishment for telling tall tales!!!

 It is going to take a while to do all of the stone work.  Inside and out. See you tomorrow.

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Wendy Luane Barber said...

Ha, ha! Oh boy! I was confused there for a moment. I didn't think the trailer was Tessie's. Boy, she's slick. Good you're on top of things.