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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Drawing Straws...

I spent a lot of the day in the back yard... See the line of little red flowers along the walk? There are eighteen new plants there.  I am hoping that they will grow and make a little hedge of periwinkles...

Wish me luck!
I cleaned the bird feeding area and it is starting to attract all kinds of birds now.  It's fun to just sit at the table on the porch and watch them close up and personal.

Seth is out of town this week. Chile by way of Peru.  So April and Amare are coming over on Saturday.  We will have something to watch!
This is my latest freebee. I have a Palo Verde Tree starting to grow in the corner of the yard.

I am a bit allergic to them, but hey! They grow all over town. It's not like I can get away from them. and this one is going to be a nice one.

As for the Terrific Three.... Yes, I am changing my tune. They decided among themselves to draw straws.  The longest straw gets to go first. Middle sized will be second and the short straw will be last.

I am not going to argue.  They have all decided to help each other finish their respective abodes.

I may have too much help! The drawing is tomorrow morning.

See you then.


Carrie said...

Gardening in the desert is not for whimps!!! I hope your flowers take root and grow nicely for you.

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
You have such a wonderful yard. It is just lovely.
I look forward to seeing the result of the draw...not to mention how long their partnership lasts.,
Big hug