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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Zar's Not Excited....

If it's not Tessie, it's Zar.

He took one look at the size of the little house and did a "Bah Humbug!".

He turned his nose up and declared it not enough room for him and Spike.

Oh well. I didn't want to do it anyway.
There is not even enough room for the pool table that I promised him, years ago.  I did make a carved frame for it, but that's as far as I got.

Maybe I should just finish the pool table and not worry about a place to put it until it is finished. 

That seems like a lot more fun than doing the same cottage that I have done so many times before.
Boring! Boring! Boring!!!

I am just going somewhere and pout for the rest of the day. 

Tomorrow is Wednesday.... For Witches. I probably won't get much done anyway.  I may as well work on the pool table. That should be way more fun than another cottage.

Back to the drawing board.  See you tomorrow.

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