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Monday, June 18, 2018

As Little as Possible...

We went to see "Tag" this morning.  It is about a group of men that have been playing tag for the month of May for the past 20 years.  Interesting. It is based on a true story. They showed the real people at the end. I think that they are still playing...

This photo is hard to see, but I put a bird feeder on the center log in the photo.
Tessie and Zar wanted nothing to do with helping, so I left them to their own devices.

Snakes, dogs and rubber chickens...

They ignored me totally.
I went into the workroom.  Covered the chair with a piece of zebra skin material.  Then I took the rest of the day off and watched several episodes of Supernatural. 

Bored much? Yup.  When I am I revert to watching Sam and Dean do their thing.

Then April and Amare called.  I am jealous of Amare.  They went to the zoo with his summer camp group and he got to PET a Rhino! I want to pet a Rhino!!!

Anyway, that's about all that happened here today... Not much in the way of minis.

See you tomorrow.

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