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Friday, May 25, 2018

Spray Glue Is My Friend...

 I did the walls and the rug for Tessie's Dressing room this morning.

I hate to say it, but Tessie was right this time.  The chair is a different color than the rug. They don't like each other...

Back to her idea of a new chair.  It doesn't show too much in the photo, but it does in real life. Not the same at all!
OK. Now about how I did the walls and the rug. This is my method when I want to use fabric as wallpaper.

I cut illustration board(not cardstock or poster board. Those are way to light to hold their shape) to the size of each wall and the floor.  I sprayed each piece with spray glue on one side. Then I laid the fabric on the sprayed side and smoothed it down.

Then I turned them over and used white glue to fasten down the edges. 
I have not fastened them to the walls and floor of the box yet. That is the next step.

You can see in this photo that the walls are a little bowed.  That will be fixed when I glue them in.  They will fit just right.

Then the fun begins....
I know that this is not all of the stuff that Tessie plans on cramming in this little box.  She has BIG plans! I have already told her that I am not building any more closet space or shelving.  She is just going to have to do what she can with what she has.

I think that we know who is going to be shoving all of this stuff in that tiny little space.  She told me that this box would have plenty of room for all of her stuff... Sure it will.  Come and join the fun when she starts cramming things in tomorrow.  Personally, I am going to sit and laugh.  Maybe I will bring a fan or a handkerchief to laugh behind, but I will be laughing.  Sorry Tessie! I am going to be building a kidney shaped dressing table to go at the center back.  I don't have time to help you sort it all out!

I  will be the one NOT doing all the work for a change.  Care to join me?

See you tomorrow.


Marisa said...

see you tomorrow, I don't want to laugh with Tessie sitting there watching me ( can she see me thru the computer)


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Thank you for going over your technique about fabric walls.
Big hug