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Saturday, May 5, 2018

I Get to Work.....

They get to play....

I started putting together the hanging closet space this morning.

Tessie and Zar are thick as thieves now.

They wandered in and made themselves comfortable on the closet space that I was putting together. 

Mind you, I did the putting together.  They came in and decided that there should be more weight on the wood... And they provided it...
They could have been helping me with repairing aprons and getting them on hangers... Nope. 

I get to do that...

They requested that I bring them something to read before I started that task.
I brought them the latest Mac Kinzie-Childs catalog. They have been sitting there for over an hour while I do the repairs to the aprons.

The shelves should be done and ready for the next step by now...

I need to measure how high to hang the rod in said closet.  Tessie can only reach so high.

She has so many pages in the catalog folded over.  She wants to squeeze a lot in that small space... I may just have to start on Spiderwort Manor, so that she can use more of the things in this catalog.  She really likes it.  She has turned to me at least 32 times whilst looking.  She points at something and simply says, "I need one of these!" or "Send for one of these.". 

She seems to think that they are going to come in her size... I keep telling her it is a catalog for big people, but.... She keeps telling me that if they can make it big, they can make it small...

I am going back now and start repairing her aprons.  She is very destructive when it comes to aprons. 

In that pile, I have at least 7 or 8 aprons that need the straps fixed.  She pulls them off over her head half of the time.  That is not conducive to neat and tidy aprons.

I am going back now and grabbing a bottle of glue and a needle and thread and fix all of the aprons that need it. Every one of them will need fixing as soon as she wears them again.

Back to work.  See you tomorrow.

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